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cirrus clouds mean usually fair (good) weather


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Cirrus clouds bring fair weather which is good for being out doors.

Cirrus clouds usually approach with fair weather, but the fair weather may later indicate that a storm/thunderstorm is approaching.

Fair weather,but can also signal an approaching storm

Cirrus clouds bring nice weather.

They don't really make weather. They show the direction of wind in the upper troposphere and they can be a sign that a storm is approaching. You will usually see cirrus clouds in fair weather. Cirrus clouds are clouds that are high in the air and are thin.

landforms do not get damaged from cirrus clouds because the weather is fair. They dont get any rain, snow, hail, sleet, or anything else with cirrus clouds.

High wispy ice clouds. Often seen in clear skies and mean good weather , but can mean a change in the weather!

No, the weather is likely to be nice when cirrus clouds are present. Cirrus clouds tend to form high in the atmosphere and present as thin or wispy. However, if many cirrus clouds are present in the sky, it may indicate a change of weather soon, such as an approaching storm.

Cirrus clouds are followed by an approaching warm front.

the featerhery kind of clouds are cirrus clouds

Cirrus clouds form fair weather

the feathery clouds in the sky that kind of look like eyelashes are cirrus clouds

They both mostly bring fair weather.

You get no precipitation from cirrus clouds, they are too thin and too high. Hence, the weather they bring is dry.

A cirrus cloud is a feather like cloud.

Cirrus clouds are light and feathery.

usually sunny fair weather. These clouds are thin and wispy. You may not trust me because I am in 8th grade, but I found it online wile studying for exams.

usually pretty nice, but it also means that bad wheather is coming.

Cirrus clouds appear fibrous or curly. They are high, thin, white, feathery clouds made of ice crystals. Cirrus clouds are associated with fair weather, but they indicate approaching storms.

since contrails could form into cirrus clouds, and cirrus clouds form a warm front, the weather should change from being warm in the afternoon and cooler at night.

Cirrus clouds are often used to a couple different types of weather. It is thought that if only a few are visible in the sky that the weather will be moderate. It is also thought that if many of them gather, rain is on the way.

the weather that a cirrus cloud comes out is during the day time ,some time in the afternoon in a warm and hot type of air

A high number of cirrus clouds may be a sign of an approaching frontal system or upper air disturbance. This usually signals a change in weather in the near future, usually becoming increasingly stormy. Cirrus clouds can also be the remnants of a thunderstorm. A large shield of cirrus and cirrostratus typically accompany the high altitude outflow of hurricanes or typhoons. Cirrus clouds have also been observed developing after the persistent formation of contrails from an aircraft. Increase in air traffic is a possible cause of an increasing amount of cirrus clouds.

Alike: They're both clouds. Different: Cirrus clouds usually bring fair weather and are wispy, like a horsetail or a feather. Cumulonimbus clouds usually bring thunderstorms and are dark, large clouds.

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