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Q: What kind of words are soft words?
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Does sex have a texture feeling?

yes it is soft or in other words it is kind of bumpy or soft

What kind of coat does a tapir have?

soft coat soft coat soft coat

What kind of cheese is soft cheese?

Well, soft cheese is a cheese that is soft.

What are the Esperanto words for loud and soft?

The Esperanto words for loud and soft are lauta and malvarmeta.

What are the Esperanto words for hard and soft?

The Esperanto words for hard and soft are malfacila and malvarmeta.

What kind of feathers do flamingos have?

Soft kind of feather.

What is a kind of soft cloth?

a soft substance made out of wool or a sheep

Does the words soft haired have a hyphen?

Yes: soft-haired.

How you persuaded someone to do something you wanted?

You can persuade the person by letting the person see the need for such a thing. When persuading use kind and soft words.

Is silver soft?

yes, it is a kind of soft metal and it is very easy to mould

A soft Italian cheese?

Ricotta Cheese is very soft, kind of like cottage cheese. Also, Mozzarella Cheese is a soft cheese kind of like string cheese.