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Paintings in the style of Impressionism.

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Who did Claude Monet work for?

claude monet worked for no one, other than himself

What did Claude Monet mother work as?

I found out that she was a singer.

Who did Claude Monet work with?

Most of the impressionists, mainly with Renoir.

Where did Claude Monet like to work?

At his home, he loved to paint.

What countries did Claude Monet work in?

Monet worked briefly in England and Holland but most of his art was done in France.

Where did Claude Monet work?

France mainly. Around Paris and Normandy.

What media did Claude Monet work with?

Usually oil paint on canvas.

Where did Claude Monet work'?

In Paris and surroundings. Visits to England and the Netherlands.

What dates did Claude Monet work?

From about 1860 till he died in 1926.

Who influenced the work of Kandinsky?

he was inspired by Claude Monet and was influenced by old Russian paitings and stories

Over what period did Claude Monet work?

The French Impressionist painter Claude Monet was born in 1840.The first painting to bring him to public attention was painted in 1866, and he continued to paint up to the year of his death, 1926.

What were the work and the artist who gave the impressionist movement its name?

A painting by Claude Monet called Impression, Sunrise.

At what age did Claude Oscar Monet start selling his work?

At 15 he sold drawings he had made in school.

Where are the most Claude Monet works shown?

cladue monets work is still shown around the world

What did Claude Monet do for work?

He was a soldier for a time (2 years) but became a painter and painted his whole life.

What kind of painting did manet and monet paint?

Edouard Manet and Claude Monet both were French and painted in the impressionist style. In fact, the style derives its name from one of Monet's paintings and Monet is considered the father of impressionist painting. In addition to studio work they painted plein air landscapes out of doors.

What type of work did Claude Monet perform?

Claude Monet was one of the leading French Impressionist painters. He helped bring to the forefront of painting a new style that at first was not the norm. Impressionism, however, soon began to find a strong following Monet was born in 1840 in France and died in 1926.

How did Claude Monet work?

He worked outside using very quick brushstrokes to capture the effects of the light at the moment.

How big is the art work Nympheas by Claude Monet?

He painted this subject at least a hundred times. In different sizes.

How do you know the value of a Claude Monet painting?

You cannot assess the value of a work of art until it is up for sale.

Where did Monet work?

Claude Monet enjoyed working in the open air, a technique referred to as 'en plein air'. He spent time painting around Paris, Normandy and Giverny.

Who influenced Claude Oscar Monet?

His work was a revolt against the old style. Manet bridged the gap to Impressionism so Monet was influenced by him as well as his other Impressionist friends.

Who influenced Claude Monet the most?

Here's the answer :) His work was a revolt against the old style. Manet bridged the gap to Impressionism so Monet was influenced by him as well as his other Impressionist friends.

Was Claude Monet accepted by the people of that time?

No, people thought of his work as childish, as if a 5 year old could have painted it. His work was referred to as "impression"

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