What kind of worm do i need for a compost bin?

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You can use earthworms for working in your compost bin.

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Q: What kind of worm do i need for a compost bin?
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Related questions

How can you compost without a garden or balcony?

Get a worm bin. They can be kept indoors.

How do you recycle food scrapes?

you make a worm farm or a compost bin

What do you use as a worm farm?

ussually, compost piles. if you want to contain the worms you cound put your compost inside of a bin.

What is the purpose of a worm bin?

Its so that you can get more compost becuse if you put in nsome apple cores or stuff like that tat worm will eat it it will then be compost wich i used for your garnden

What do you need to compost?

you need a compost bin, dirt, newspaper and kitchen food scraps

What do you do with your worm compost waste while waiting for your worms to eat down their current bin?

Compost in the regular way or increase the capacity of your vermiculture.

Do you need soil in a compost bin?

I put a shovel or two. The soil helps the worm get around faster than just going throught a bunch of scapes.

I need a nice table top compost bin where can you find this?

A table top compost bin does not sound like a very good idea unless the table is located outside. Compost involves the fermentation and decay of organic material and that usually produces some unpleasant odors, although when the bin is outside, the odor of a healthy bin is not objectionable. You may be thinking of a worm compost bin. These can be kept in the kitchen and should not be smelly. You can find these at many Garden centers or online. I got mine from

What is the orange mold growing in your kitchen compost bin?

If you have orange mold growing in your kitchen compost bin, you need to take your compost out. Mold is hot healthy to have in your house.

How do you get worms in the app the blockheads?

"To get worms, you need compost. To make compost, all you need is 5 kelp, in which you can find in waters. You can craft the compost then get worms by breaking it." this answer is incorrect as to make a compost bin, the only thing able to make compost, you must get worms (5 of them). to answer your question you can find worms by obtaining dirt witch will yield one worm at random.

Does a compost bin need to be in the shade?

It is best to have the bin in the sun so that it gets the most heat. Heat is needed to brake down yard waste into compost.

Why would it be bad to have a compost bin?

If the owner is too busy or uninformed or if the community has regulations which do not accommodate composting then it would be bad to have a compost bin. For example, a compost bin ideally should be attractive, durable, and stationary (but mobile if need be) to not constitute an eyesore.

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