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Q: What kinds of bacteria spoil food?
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Can bacteria spoil food?

yes bacteria can spoil food

What types of bacteria cause food to spoil?

bad bacteria

What causes things to spoil?

Bacteria causes food to spoil. When food is left open or unprotected, bacteria in the air gets on the food and causes it to go bad.

Does bacteria cause food to spoil?

Some do.

Do bacteria cause food to spoil?

Yes, they do.

What microbes spoil food?

Yeasts, molds and bacteria are microbes that spoil food. See Related Links for lists.

Why does heat spoil food?

Heat of itself does not spoil food. What spoil the food is the growth of bacteria in the food.At low temperatures (in a fridge) these bacteria only grow slowly but when the food warms up to room temperature the bacteria grow faster and the food will spoil. The reason for this is that for every 10oC rise in temperature the rate of chemical reactions (ie the metabolic rate of the bacteria) doubles. Obviously above a certain temperature (boiling point) the heat is so much that the bacteria are killed off.

How does light affect the rat food spoil?

its the bacteria in it that make it spoil so the light awake the bacteria so the began what they are meant to do

Why does food not spoil in the refrigerator?

Food does spoil in the refrigerator. The growth of spoilage bacteria is slowed down due to the colder temperatures.

What happens to bacteria when food is stored in the freezer?

What happened if the bacteria when food in stored in the freezer the whole food will turn raw and spoil

What does Louis Pasteur think made food spoil?

Oxygen and bacteria.

How long does it take for unrefrigerated processed meat to spoil?

After only a couple of hours food begin to spoil (2-3) bacteria starts to set in, the longer food sit out the more bacteria is produced.,

When food is put in the refrigerator all bacteria?

The growth of bacteria slows but does not stop. The food will still spoil but at a much slower rate.

What does vinegar do to preserve food?

Vinegar is an acid that preserves food by killing harmful bacteria that can spoil food.

How does cooking food preserve food?

The bacteria and fungi in the food are killed by the heat and can therefore no longer spoil the food.

What food does bacteria spoil?

Anything that has enough moisture to support bacterial growth.

How is bacteria harmful to foods?

I can make food rot, spoil, and grow mold.

Why does food spoilage happen?

Food spoilage happens when bacteria in the food is allowed to grow. The food heats up to room temperature or hotter and the bacteria grow allowing it to spoil.

When does warm imitation crab meat spoil?

The chemicals contained in immitation seafood react with the air causing bacteria that spoil the food.

What kinds of foods should be preserved?

Every kind of food should be preserved.Every food get spoil when not preserved.

How do different food wrappings spoil food?

Food Wrappings Affect Spoilage because of the air and different types of bacteria.

Why does food spoil when left in open?

Aerobic bacteria thrives and multiplies in the presence of oxygen!!

What are the disadvantages of bacteria?

Bacteria can cause infections and break down skin and organs. Infections can lead to death. Bacteria also cause an immune response. When foreign bacteria get into the human body, your immune response reacts, causing all kinds of unpleasant side affects. Bacteria can also spoil food. Marshall - +91.9730646903

Why does food mold or spoil?

All food has bacteria and little spores of fungi on it. Over time the bacteria and fungi grows but can be slowed by freezing and refrigeration. Though that is the case, they still grow and will eventually spoil.If you keep defrosting and freezing the same batch of food that is growing a bacteria colony right there. Same as reheating and refrigerating the same batch of food.

How does bacteria affect human body's good and bad?

Good bacteria help in digestion of food and fight microbes invading the body. Bad bacteria can make people sick or spoil food.