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Q: What kinds of bacteria spoil food?
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Related questions

Can bacteria spoil food?

yes bacteria can spoil food

What types of bacteria cause food to spoil?

bad bacteria

Does bacteria cause food to spoil?

Some do.

Do bacteria cause food to spoil?

Yes, they do.

What causes things to spoil?

Bacteria causes food to spoil. When food is left open or unprotected, bacteria in the air gets on the food and causes it to go bad.

What microbes spoil food?

Yeasts, molds and bacteria are microbes that spoil food. See Related Links for lists.

How does light affect the rat food spoil?

its the bacteria in it that make it spoil so the light awake the bacteria so the began what they are meant to do

Why does heat spoil food?

Heat of itself does not spoil food. What spoil the food is the growth of bacteria in the food.At low temperatures (in a fridge) these bacteria only grow slowly but when the food warms up to room temperature the bacteria grow faster and the food will spoil. The reason for this is that for every 10oC rise in temperature the rate of chemical reactions (ie the metabolic rate of the bacteria) doubles. Obviously above a certain temperature (boiling point) the heat is so much that the bacteria are killed off.

What does Louis Pasteur think made food spoil?

Oxygen and bacteria.

What does vinegar do to preserve food?

Vinegar is an acid that preserves food by killing harmful bacteria that can spoil food.

How does cooking food preserve food?

The bacteria and fungi in the food are killed by the heat and can therefore no longer spoil the food.

When food is put in the refrigerator all bacteria?

The growth of bacteria slows but does not stop. The food will still spoil but at a much slower rate.

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