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light cotton colours shorts and vest and sandles.

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2012-03-10 21:22:47
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Q: What kinds of clothing would you wear in the Sahara desert?
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What is the name of the Sahara Desert?

The proper name is simply Sahara. The word means desert in Arabic so there is no need to call it the Sahara Desert which would translate to Desert Desert.The Sahara Desert is known as the Sahara Desert.

Would you survive in Antarctica or Sahara?

You could survive in either desert, given the appropriate supplies, clothing and transport.

Is Chad in the Sahara Desert?

Northern parts of Chad would be in the Sahara Desert.

In what region of the Sahara desert do the animals live?

In the Sahara desert you would only find animals at an oasis.

What technology do you need to explore the Sahara Desert?

This isn't technology, but is tools; you would need protective clothing, lots of water, and information about how to survive.

Which continent would you be if you were in the Sahara desert?


Which is better Sahara desert or Antarctica and why?

Well It depends. Antarctica is extremely cold with temps like -60 degrees you would likely freeze to death in 3 min without shelter or proper clothing. The Sahara is hot and dry with temps up to 115 degrees. You would last longer in the Sahara than Antarctica if you just had on normal clothing.

Desert is at 20N and 35E?

A desert at 20N and 35E would be the Sahara desert. This is the largest desert in the world.

Where is the nearest sand desert to UK?

That would be the Sahara Desert in northern Africa.

Do lions live in the Sahara desert?

no they would die

What happens to water in Sahara desert?

it would evaporate

Where would arid climate be?

in a desert like the Sahara

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