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Smirnoff Vodka produces and sells different flavors of vodka. Some of the drinks they make are called Smirnoff Black, Smirnoff Espresso, Smirnoff Black Ice, and Smirnoff Twisted V Raspberry Malt Beverage.

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What are the two products by the name of Smirnoff Ice?

There are two products by the name of Smirnoff Ice. One of them is a citrus-flavored malt beverage which is sold in France and USA. The other one is a premixed vodka drink which is distributed in Canada, Australia and Europe.

What kind of vodka is sold in Mexico?

Some of them include:GorloskaFinlandiaGrey GooseOso NegroSmirnoffStolichnayaVorzoiAbsolutWyborowaTanquerayKaratEristoffThe most popular include Oso Negro, Smirnoff, Stolichnaya and Absolut.

The top 10 vodka gin rum whiskey ky. bourbon tequila sold in the US?

rum- Bacardi. vodka- Smirnoff gin- Gordon's tequila- José Cuervo whiskey? i couldn't tell you. there are so many, and they're all so popular, but i'd be willing to bet the American favourite is Jack Daniels

How much alcohol is in standard vodka?

Vodka in the United States must be sold with an alcohol content of more than 29.9%. Typically, vodka is sold with a 40% alcohol content in the United States. This is what we know as being 80 proof.

What are the top products sold in Russia?

Vodka,Caviar and Aircraft.

If they sold 2114 drinks in 2 hours about how many drinks did they sell per hour?

157 drinks per hour

Which of these drinks is usually sold in a carton container?


Where can you get Absolut fashion animal vodka?

Absolut fashion animal Vodka was only sold in Italy in 2007 Also called Absolut C'N'C' Costume for fashion animals

Is Venom Energy Drinks only Sold in Cali?

Not anymore

How many sport drinks are sold per year?


Why milk sold in rectangular containers while soft drinks are sold in round ones?

Carbonated soft drinks have to be put in round containers or they will burst. Milk is not carbonated, so will not burst.

What is strongest liquor sold in UK?

Spirits such as Whisky & vodka are sold at 40% proof. This means that for every litre of spirit, 400ml is pure alcohol.

How many soft drinks are sold per day at McDonalds?


How many monster energy drinks are sold annually?

im not sure:S

Where can you purchase chocolate cream liqueur drink?

Liqueurs are sold in liquor stores, along with the gin and vodka.

If a restaurant sells 210 pizzas per day and wants a ratio of 3 drinks sold per pizza how many drinks would they need to sell?

210x3=630 drinks

What kinds of goods are sold in the commodity market?


In Ireland Scotland and rsa places where alcoholic drinks are sold illegally?


How many energy drinks are sold world wide per year?

energy drinks suck!!!! thay tast likebutt and look like pee

What is a malt brew beverage like the fruit flavored drinks sold along side beer are they a flavored beer or diluted liquor product?

Flavored malt beverages, such as Mike's Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice, Zima, Sparks, etc. are malt-based drinks. Although the malt is an artificial sucrose-based malt, this gives them the ability to be sold under the beer category, mainly for tax purposes, plus the companies realized the faster growth potential for smaller serving-size fruity drinks in a beer setting, as opposed to the wine cooler craze of the 80s. Wine coolers, though, are wine-based drinks. They are essentially fortified wine with CO2 and other fruit flavors added. Because of the grape-base for these drinks, they are taxed as wine. There are also RTD (ready-to-drink) cocktails such as Jack Daniels coolers and Kahlua cocktails, etc. These are pre-mixed, liquor-based drinks that are sold under the same tax category as hard spirits. (source: more than a decade working in the alcohol industry...)

What does Russia specialize in?

There are various things that the country Russia specializes in. For example, they are very well known for their vodka, which is sold worldwide.

How many energy drinks are sold per year?

over 20 tons are year

Where are XS energy drinks sold?

Through independent business owner's of Amway Global.

What were underground bars and speakeasies?

During prohibition, these were establishments that illegally sold alcoholic drinks.

Would you measure a water bottle in milliliters or liters?

In either. Large bottles of soft drinks and bottled water are often sold in 1 or 2 litres measures, but the smaller [retail] drinks are sold in bottles of 300 or 500 millilitres.