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Blacksmiths uses iron and steel

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What did medieval blacksmiths make?

Blacksmiths in the middle ages, as they do today, make things from iron and steel.

What did the Ancient Roman blacksmiths have to make things and what did they make?

in the roman time the blacksmiths only had anything big and metal to make other big metal things. metal was very popular in the roman period and so the blacksmiths had an easy time

What order did blacksmiths make their things in?

Do you mean apprentices or masters

What are facts about blacksmiths?

Blacksmiths make hot fore.

Does blacksmiths make shield's?

Yes, blacksmiths made and still make shields

What tools did blacksmiths use?

They make things such as metal nails, door hooks, and hammers.

Why were blacksmiths important?

Blacksmiths were important because they were the ones who were able to make iron into useful items.

What weapons did the blacksmiths make in the Revolutionary War?

During the revolutionary war blacksmiths would make weapons such as guns, canons, and swords.

What do black smiths do?

Blacksmiths make many things out of metal such as horse shoes, knives, and used to make shackles back in the old days for prisoners.

What do blacksmithes make?

blacksmiths make items using metal

How did blacksmiths make their weapons?

Blacksmiths did not use weapons, but they made weapons by heating up metal to make it malleable and then hit it with a hammer to shape the weapon.

Did blacksmiths make axes?

Yes, blacksmiths made several types of axes ranging from hatchets to duel bladed axes.

How did knights make their armor?

the armor is made by blacksmiths

What did blacksmiths commonly make in 1870?

Blacksmiths in 1870 would make wagon wheels, horse shoes and farm implements. Almost any ironwork was done by the blacksmith.

What is done with plastic after we recycle it?

make other kinds of plastic things

Where did horse shoes come from?

The blacksmiths make horse shoes

What do blacksmiths make?

Blacksmiths make items out of metal. Agricultural tools, iron rims for wheels, fireplace racks, andirons, pothooks, locks, and utensils. They also repaired metal items. (colonial)

How did they make guns?

The blacksmiths came up with the ider and they told the silversmiths

How much money do blacksmiths make?

they made 150,0000 dollars a day

What did blacksmiths do in colonial New York city?

Blacksmiths in colonial cities would shoe horses and make iron objects like the rim of wagon wheels.

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