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What kinds of things do colleges look for in applicants?

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When applying to most colleges or Universities, the applications require grades, and participation in school and community events. If your participation is in the school or community, most schools require you to have been in the group or activity for more than one year so that they know that you are able to continue with doing things and are able to stick to completing things. If you skip around with different activities, then they may think that you aren't responsible enough or that you just aren't certain still about what you want to major in when you start college.

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What do colleges look for when accepting applicants?


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What do colleges look at?

Colleges usually look at what classes you have taken in the past, what your grades were in those classes, job history, disciplinary record, extracurricular activities, clubs, honor societies, and other various things that have to do with you and your lifestyle.

Do colleges look at 5th grade grades?

no, colleges only look at your high school transcripts.

Do colleges or universities look at your freshman year's grades?

Most colleges don't look at how you did each year. Most just look at your overall grade point average. That's not to say that they don't have any influence. It's just that other things are seen as being more important.

Do colleges look at middle school?

They aren't really interested in your grades when it comes to middle school. However, they do look at the important things. For example; awards, achievements, sports participated in and also things you may have gotten in trouble for.

Do colleges take weighted GPA or cumulative?

colleges look at cumulative GPA's

Is it still possible to get accepted into an Ivy League with an SAT score less than 2100?

Possible, sure. Colleges look at a lot of things. You would have to look up an individual college to see how likely it was, but almost all colleges make exceptions, and look at other things, so it is possible. If your grades were amazing and you have lots of extra-curricular activities and volunteer work, most will take that into consideration. You could also write a brilliant admissions essay, or have unique skills... It also depends to some extent on quotas and who you are competing against. If all the other applicants are male, and you are female, that might give you an edge... same with other differences because most colleges are working on diversity. Also depends on the program/major you are applying for. Some are more competitive than others.

What qualities do colleges look for?

Many people think that colleges look solely for the academic qualities of a person. While they do look at standardized testing scores and your transcripts to see if you have been following a preparatory schedule those are most certainly not the only things that they look for. In fact, some colleges don't even look at standardized testing scores, or they give the applicants the option of submitting them. In that case, however, it would be best to submit them anyway. Also, the essay(s) that are part of the application are one of the most important parts of the application. You want to make sure they are personal, well-written, and insightful. The essay tends to show more about you as a person than is otherwise apparent and hence, is imperative in the college decision. Other qualities that colleges look for are your extracurricular activities, your recommendations, and your personal statements as well as your list of honors and achievements. Overall, what they want to see is a diligent student who has an intelligent, creative, inspirational and fun personality, and someone who has potential to most efficiently contribute to the community.

What community service do colleges look for?

200 +

Do colleges look at discipline records?


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Do colleges look at the SAT essay score?


Do colleges look at grades or GPA?

They are the same thing.

Do colleges look at 7th grade GPA?


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