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Archaebacteria or Eubacteria. They are separate because they have chemical differences.

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Bacteria are in this kingdom?

Bacteria are classified in kingdom monera.

Bacteria are classified in the kingdom?

Bacteria are classified in the kingdom of Monera, a kingdom containing unicellular organisms, which is divided into two groups - Archaea and Bacteria.

What kingdom is eubacteria classified under?

bacteria bacteria

What kingdom is bacteria classified in?


Why are archaea classified in a separate kingdom from bacteria?

because it does not have all the characteristics of bacteria

Bacteria that live in your intestines are classified in the kingdom?

it is eubacteria

Are Bacteria a species?

Most bacteria are classified in the Kingdom of Eubacteria. Though bacteria sometimes is not classified as a living organism, some do contain DNA and RNA.

Which kingdom should streptococcus be classify?

It's already been classified - in the bacteriakingdom.

Taxonomy is the science of classification in what kingdom are bacteria classified?


What two kingdoms are used to classify bacteria?

The two kingdoms that bacteria is classified in are archaebacteria and eubacteria. At one time, bacteria was classified under one kingdom called Monera.

What is a prokarytype?

It is a different name for the kingdom Monera, where all the bacteria is classified in.

What would the bacteria that causes botulism be classified as?

The bacteria that causes botulism is spore-producing, therefore the only kingdom that is spore-producing is the FUNGUS kingdom.

Most bacteria are classified into what kingdom?

I would say fungi Fungi are arguably not alive, Bacteria are classified into the Monera kingdom Actually now the Monera kingdom is both the eubacteria and archeabacteria. archeabacteria are bacteira that live in extreme environments so i would say eubacteria

The unicellular prokaryotes that make up the domain bacteria are also classified in the kingdom?


The unicellular prokaryotes that make up the domain Bacteria are also classified in what kingdom?


What are the three organisms classified in the Kingdom Monera?

bacteria, blue-green algae, viruses

What is the kingdom phylum class order family genus and species of a bacteria?

Depends on which bacteria. For example, Salmonella will be classified as:Kingdom: BacteriaPhylum: ProteobacteriaClass: GammaproteobacteriaOrder: EnterobacterialesFamily: EnterobacteriaceaeGenus: Salmonella

What kingdom can salmonella be classified into?

There are three main evolutionary kingdoms, they are archaea, eukarya and bacteria. Salmonella is a bacterium.

Most bacteria are classified in which kingdom archaebacteria or eubacteria?

I'm sorry for the answer you were previously given on this question. The answer is eubacteria.

Why are gram-positive bacteria and cyanobacteria classified together in the kingdom eubacteria?

Gram positive bacteria and cyanobacteria have no nuclei; also, they predate eukaryotes.

Does bacteria make beer?

Yeasts are used in brewing beer. They although unicellular they are not considered to be bacteria. Yeasts are eukaryotic microorganisms classified in the kingdom Fungi.

Why are virus not classified into a kingdom?

They are not classified into a kingdom as they are not alive.

What type of reproduction occurs in bacteria?

Bacteria are microorganisms that are classified under kingdom Monera. They have three types of reproduction, which include vegetative, sexual and asexual methods.

Why arent bacteria classified as plants?

They were, in the past. Or at least some of them. The people who decided to place them in a separate kingdom decided that there were significant difference between bacteria and plants.

What is a way that bacteria is not classified?

Bacteria are not classified by the number of chromosomes, or the type of mitochondria.