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There is no way to currently establish the surface features obscured by the dense atmosphere of Uranus. In any event, the hot, fluid environment would make any core features less relevant than they are on "solid" planets.

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Does Uranus have landforms?

No. Uranus is a gas planet.

Are there any landforms in Uranus?

No there are not. There is no land in Uranus. It is a gas planet.

What is landform like on uranus?

Uranus is a gas planet with no solid surface. It has no landforms.

What are some landforms found on Uranus?

None, because, Uranus is a gas planet, therefor it's not a solid so there won't be any landforms. Hoped this help!

Which moon of uranus has the greatest variety of landforms of landforms of any body yet examined?


What landforms are on the planet Uranus?

I do not think there are any land forms on Uranus because it is a gas giant

What are the major landforms of Uranus?

there are not any. the planet is made out of gas!!

What moons of Uranus exhibits the most diverse landforms?

i hate you and your friends

Do landforms exist other planets or the moon?

Yes. The moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars have landforms. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune do not have solid surfaces.

Which satellite of Uranus has the greatest variety of landforms of any satellite yet examined?


Does Uranus have landfroms?

No. The planet only has a solid core that doesn't show any landforms yet.

Are there any speical land forms on Uranus if so what are they?

no the planet is made of gas so no landforms are on it

What are lunar landforms?

Lunar landforms are landforms on the moon

How do primary and secondary landforms differ?

Primary landforms are landforms that have no eroded at all. On the other hand, secondary landforms are landforms that have eroded.

What is Uranus named before it was named Uranus?

they did not have a fist name for uranus they had numbers for uranus before uranus was named uranus

3 landforms in New Jersey and where located?

landforms landforms

Are volcanoes landforms?

they are landforms

What is the god of Uranus?

uranus' god is uranus

What are facts about landforms?

landforms are connects the earths surface landforms are all examples of streets, sidewalks, and ports. landforms can be made by sandstones landforms are connented to all sources

What are slow changing landforms and fast changing landforms?

frances landforms are on

Why are deserts not landforms?

Deserts are biomes. Landforms are features found within landforms.

What are two landforms near the statue of liberty?

River Landforms and Glacial Landforms.

What planet's axis of rotation is tiled on it's side?

Uranus Uranus Uranus Uranus

Are buildings landforms?

no. buildings are not landforms

How many landforms are there?

there are seven landforms