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What language did plaid come from?


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from what language does the word plaid come from

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It came from Greece Plaid is a Gaelic word meaning 'blanket or mantle' and of unknown origin.

Plaid is a noun (a pattern) and an adjective (a plaid pattern).

I wouldn't... too much plaid

the plural of plaid is plaids...

Typically, It is a stereotype that country musicians wear plaid. No musicians are specifically known for wearing plaid, no matter it be plaid shirts or even plaid pants.

Yes, of course you can wear plaid.

plaid like a plaid skirt or top

There are mostly plaid they can come in any pattern really they also have checkered!

Plaid is definitely in this year! Every store I've been too has had at least one plaid rack. If you're wanting to look cool for school, plaid is the way to go!

Plaid liam Loves his plaid

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Yes, English language come from an Albanian language.

You can wear plaid in all seasons. But maybe it would be best....in winter and fall wear a plaid scarf or jacket/hoodie. In spring and summer wear plaid shorts or shirts. Plaid shoes socks, or anything else will work at all times.

You can if they are the same type of plaid but black or brown leather purse would probably look better.

plaid is a pattern. and flannel is a type of cloth. so NO they are not the same.

Plaid handbags can be purchased at Handbags Deluxe.

Yes. All words come from a language.

no but cute kilts are plaid i hope you fin a cute unplaid one but i guess you will. Traditionally kilts are of a tartan (plaid) pattern, but they need not be.

Oh Ralph, the plaid shirt makes you look so outdoorsy!

That is the correct spelling of "plaid" (a color pattern involving contrasting squares of colors).

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The word alkali come from the language Arabic

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