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Q: What language is kelly sweet speaking in giorno dopo giorno?
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What is 'Good morning sweet friend' when translated from English to Italian?

"Good morning, sweet friend!" in English is Buon giorno, dolce amica! to a female and Buon giorno, dolce amico!to a male in Italian.

When was Kelly Sweet born?

Kelly Sweet was born on 1988-03-29.

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How do you say sweet in Kikuyu language?

Sweet can be translated into Kikuyu language as murio.

How do you say sweet in abaluya language?

The English word 'sweet', are said in Abaluhya (Luhya) language as "eshitamuu".

What does kelly smith eat before a big match?


Composer of the song 'dream on' by Kelly Sweet?

Aerosmith - Composer: Steven Tyler - 1973

Who sings the song on commercial for NBC show Believe?

Kelly Sweet- In the Air Tonight

What actors and actresses appeared in Sweet Nothings - 2012?

The cast of Sweet Nothings - 2012 includes: Craig Leydecker as Adam Kelly Lind as Zoey

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What does utom mean in igbo language?

It means “my sweet”

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