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Sri Ramayana was written in 'Sanskrit' language. This language is also called as 'Deva Naagari'.

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2012-06-10 16:18:02
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Q: What language was the first Ramayana written in?
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Why Ramayana is called Adi kavaya?

Because it was the first book ever written in Sanskrit language. Earlier to Ramayana's writing Sanskrit was in use as a spoken language only.

Who wrote the story of ramayana?

Ramayana was written by Maharishi Balmiki .He wrote it in Sanskrit language.

Which was written first the Mahabharata or ramayan?

Ramayana happened first

Who first wrote Ramayana?

Valmiki wrote Ramayana first. It was later written by Tulsidas.

Who authored sanskrit eqic ramayana?

Balmiki wrote the Ramayana in sanskrit language. He was the first one to author the epic Ramayana.

Who wrote Ramayna?

There is not one Ramayana in India. In each and every language there is at least one Ramayana. For example, in Hindi there is Thulsi Ramayana, in Tamil there is Kamba Ramayana, Bengali there is Kirtivasa Ramayana and so on. However the oldest of all of these is the one written in Sanskrit. It is said to have been written by Valmiki, a saint turned hunter.

What is a sentence for ramayana?

Ramayana was written by Valmiki.My grandmother used to read me Ramayana when I was a kid.

In which language was it first written?

The language it was first written in.

Who is the original author of the Ramayana?

Valmiki is the original author of Ramayana. He wrote it in Sanskrit language.

What is the style of Ramayana?

the ramayana is a poem written in ancient India

Which was the source language of Ramayana and Mahabharatha?


Who first wrote the story of the Ramayana in Hindi?

Who first wrote of the ramayana in

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