What languages are spoken in Tahiti?

Tahiti is part of French Polynesian Islands. According to the CIA World Fact Book the languages spoken are:

French 61.1% (official), Polynesian 31.4% (official), Asian languages 1.2%, other 0.3%, unspecified 6% (2002 census)
Tahitians speak Tahitian and French.

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in Tahiti they speak engish and french. but mostly french.

Tahitians speak a Polynesian language similar to native Hawaiian, as well as French and English.
French and Tahitian are the official languages, though English is widely spoken.
French Polynesian Asian Other
french is the main language that tahiti has
The Tahiti islands are collectively known as French Polynesia. The 1 official language of French Polynesia is French, spoken by more than 60% of the population.

Here is a list of all 9 languages spoken in French Polynesia:

1. Austral
2. Chinese, Hakka
3. French
4. Mangareva
5. Marquesan, North
6. Marquesan, South
7. Rapa
8. Tahitian
9. Tuamotuan