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Q: What large cats hunt in groups?
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Do bottlenose dolphins hunt alone?

bottle nose dolphins DON'T hunt alone! they hunt in large groups.

Do cats hunt in packs?

Lions are the only feline that hunts in groups - called prides. Other cats are solitary hunters.

Do cats hunt hedgehogs?

no. The hedgehogs hunt the cats

What Methods did hunter gatherers use to hunt large animals?

they hunted in large groups and uased sharp stone weapons.

What methods did hunter-gatherers use to hunt large animals?

they hunted in large groups and uased sharp stone weapons.

Which big cat lives alone not in a large group?

Lions, alone, live and hunt in groups. All the other big cats are solitary and that would include tigers, jaguars, leopards, cheetahs, cougars, etc.

Did early man hunt in groups?

yes, early man did hunt in groups alot of times. the people who did not hunt in gruops risked their lives because they hunt large animals most of the time. rule the world.i like lebron and u should to hes the best

How are tigers and cheetahs alike?

there both big cats and on they have spotsn on their bellies also they are wild animals and are strictly carnivorus and hunt in groups

Do cats hunt insects?

Yes, cats do hunt and eat insects, especially if you live in the country.

How do cats hunt?

cats are nocturnal and hunt at night any where usually near houses because animals are attracted to our food so cats see it as a good spot to hunt

Do people hunt wild cats?

Yes. They hunt wild cats, lynxes are killed for their fur in Spain.

When do cats hunt usually?

cats usually hunt when people are sleeping or when someone is not payiny any attention

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