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Q: What larger ideas beliefs or organizations are represented by birds in the novel?
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Why are flying birds larger than flying bats?

Flying birds are not always larger. There are many bats bigger than many kinds of birds.

What are the release dates for The Larger Birds - 1917?

The Larger Birds - 1917 was released on: USA: 30 April 1917

Do larger birds eat smaller birds?

Some birds, like falcons, eat smaller birds, but large birds who aren't birds of prey don't

What is a gerbil's enemies?

Birds and larger mammals.

What are the predators of canaries?

Larger birds and snakes

Are the male birds of prey larger than the female birds of prey?

Most commonly, yes.

How do birds indacate the environment?

Magnets inside of there head tell them what places are habitable or inhabitable. That it why most birds travel in groups. Larger birds don't have a flock because they don't have magnets in their heads to tell them. With larger birds it is all instinct and survival of the fittest.

What eat's a sidewider snake?

birds , and larger snakes

What is a chihuahua preator?

Larger dogs and birds of prey.

Why do small birds attack big birds?

Cause smaller birds are scared of larger birds eatind their young so the chase and attack it for it to fly away.

Does size of bird mean size of egg?

Not always, but in general larger birds have larger eggs.

What three birds build there nests in high trees?

The larger the bird, the larger its nest.