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Summary Victor sets about his work, creating a second female monster. ... In a fit of anger and guilt, Victor destroys the half-finished creation in front of the monster and ... Victor has begun the process of creating a new female creature, when he ...

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Alexander Tuesday, April 14, 2009 The True monster in Frankenstein The true monster in Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is Frankenstein himself because he rejects his creation, later realizes the potential danger that he has created and refuses to take responsibility for his creation. Victor Frankenstein is a young scientist who succeeds in reanimating a corpse but flees because he is disgusted and frightened by the creature’s appearance. The creature begins committing violent crimes because of the rejection that he has received from human beings. Among these victims are some of Victor’s closest friends and family members. The creature is untamed and unknown. Most people, that he sees, harm him or flee from him. The first rejection that he receives is from Victor instantly after his reanimation. The creature had this rejection instilled in his mind. By reading several books, the creature realizes what a good creator is: loving, accepting and nurturing. In his eyes, Victor had bitterly rejected and abandoned him. The creature understands that Victor “detest[s] and spurn[s]” him. Victor is given a chance to end the argument peacefully, but when his task is almost completed, he destroys his work because he cannot bear the though that the creature could have descendants. He is mistaken in doing so because he does not realize that the cause of the creature’s hatred was human actions. If humans would accept the creature, then problems would be omitted. Victor makes an egotistical choice and decides to exterminate a civilization that he created and rejected. He “extinguishes the spark that he had once bestowed”. The only reason, the creature becomes violent is because of his appearance. Even when he tries to aid humans he is rejected. Explaining the event to Victor he declares “This was then the reward for my benevolence! I had saved a human being from destruction, and as a recompense I now writhed under the miserable pain of a wound which shattered my flesh and bone.” Victor gathered the body parts for the creation of the creature and he does not have the right to accuse the creature of a mistake that he had made. The creature is convinced that since the humans reject him, he has no cause for being. He suffers and “often … imprecate[s] curses on [his] being”. Victor declares that “no mortal could support the horror of” the creature. His statement is understandable. He is terrified by the creature but when the time comes to witness one of his friends fall for a crime that she did not commit, he refuses to submit his knowledge of the crime to the court. He would have been punished and maybe even killed, but he would have had a clean soul. This reveals his greatest vice: cowardliness. He has no reason to be afraid before other humans. He is afraid to take responsibility. He could have prevented further unfortunate events such as the death of his wife. The creature had warned him that his wife was in danger, but Victor decided to risk another’s life to achieve happiness and to forget the creature. A monster is not purely evil. According to Greek myths, centaurs are sometimes friendly and at other times were extremely warlike. Monsters are usually supernatural or could do the supernatural. Victor is able to recreate life, a task that no earthly force ever had succeeded in completing.

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