What led you to select your program Computer Science or Business Administration at University of the People?

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There are many reasons someone may choose the Computer Science or Business Administration program at the University Of The People. Both of these program are highly rated and they provide students with the latestkboedge in both fields to insure they are well prepared and able to get a job after graduation. They also offer assistance in obtaining work upon graduation.

What was the first university with a computer science department?

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The department was formed in the fall of 1962, and the first class offered at that time. A timeline of significant events in the first 40 years of the department was constructed for the 40th anniversary and may be found online at the link below.

Which is the rankings of Canadian Universities in computer science?

There are no official rankings. But in general, people have a ranking in their mind, althought these rankings might vary between different persons. The general ranking is: the first place: UT, UW second: UBC, McGill, SFU third: QU, UWO, Caleton, Alberta, McMaster fourth: ...

How to write the statement of purpose for joining the Masters of IT Computer Science program from any European or Scandinavian university?

To write a statement of purpose for any university for any program in the world, you need to make sure it includes the following things:. 1. States your professional goals. 2. Details your educational and work background.. 3. Explains what leads you to pursue degree.. 4. Any other information yo ( Full Answer )

Which US university does not require GRE score for admission to master in computer sciences program?

Posted in Applications , GRE SAT TOEFL , app2us Most Popular | 8 Comments » MS without GRE Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 Visit www.app2us.com Almost all top US Universities require the GRE General Test score. Few Universities waive GRE on the basis of undergraduate academic record ( Full Answer )

Does Princeton University have a strong science program?

Princeton University is strong in many, but not all sciences. You can click on the related links below which will take you to a college board information site. There you can research colleges and universities by name, or by programs of study, or by geographical location, size, or combinations of p ( Full Answer )

Is Business Administration considered an Art or a Science?

It depends on the institution and business department within the school as to which focus they prefer. The BA has a broader scope, with a strong emphasis on the humanities, theoretical and general knowledge in a recognized discipline, interdisciplinary field, or of a professional study. The BS ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between master of science in business administration M.S.B.A and a Master of business administrationM.B.A?

Basically they are the same but with a different focus. It really is up to the school and its business department as to which approach they prefer. For example, the MBA may be general knowledge in a recognized discipline, interdisciplinary field, or areas of professional study. The MSBA may be a mor ( Full Answer )

Is computer science all about programming?

Pretty much, but it also includes the design of computers (computer architecture). Also, programming varies widely and does not simply include making the applications/programs you use when you think of using a computer.

Which universities in US give admissions to master's program in computer Science without GRE?

You can obtain this information by going to www.collegeboard.com/splash/ and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine, or you can also click on the related links section (College Board) indicated below this answer box, which will take you directly to the site. You can research colleges and ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between computer science and computer programming?

Computer Science is the study of problem solving with computers/computational methods. Computer programming is part of this problem solving process that makes up the field of computer science. Computer programming is just a small subset of computer science. Computer science encompasses not j ( Full Answer )

Which is a better degree program business management or business administration?

It's not that one is better than the other, it's just that they are different. Read the following carefully. You must acquire a vision for yourself. Once you do, everything else will fall into line. . The best course to study is the one that leads to your overall career goals and objectives. Thus, ( Full Answer )

What is the best university for computer science in Pakistan?

LUMS (at top) FAST GIKI (Computer Engg & Computer Systems, NOT Computer science) NUST UET IBA These are some of the best, rest are pretty much average or bad. . I think arid university Rawalpindi is one of the best uni for M.CS

What are the business programs in a university?

There are a whole range of business programs you can choose from such as accountancy, business administration, economics, management, finance, sales & marketing, etc. You should choose a business degree based on your interest and its market value. While a degree in accountancy will prepare you for a ( Full Answer )

Would a bechelor of science in computer degree is more beneficial in business world as compare to bachelor of business administration?

It largely depends on what job you want to get; Bill Gates - arguably the most successful businessman in history - studied for a computer science degree. Computer science is unusual in that the people working in the field enjoy the work so much that they'd actually do it for nothing! So, if you e ( Full Answer )

What college degree is offered at east-west university in computer and information science electronics engineering technology and business administration?

The degrees East-West University offers within the areas you have specified are as follows. . Business Administration/Management . Computer/Information Sciences - General . Electrical Engineering Technologies . The above are bachelor's degrees. . For the source and more detailed informatio ( Full Answer )

What science is used in computer programming?

Computer programming relies heavily on the mathematical sciences, particularly discrete mathematics. The scientific method is often employed to test and debug computer programs. Knowledge of other sciences, such as physics or a particular social science, may be useful in computer programming dependi ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to apply for a masters in computer science degree with a bachelor of business administration degree?

Yes, it is very possible. However, you must inquire from the institution of interest, about any prerequisite coursework required. If there is prerequisite coursework that you have not completed, you may have to take this coursework at the undergraduate level first before being admitted to the progra ( Full Answer )

What is the relationship between computer science and computer programming?

About the relationship between engineering / architecture and plumbing in building houses. Computer Science looks at how one figures out how to develop algorithms and methods of solving a problem. Computer Programming is the implementation in software code of the algorithm.

If a college doesn't have a large selection of business programs is the business program easy to get into?

It depends on the specific college or university. Some institutions are very competitive, while others are not. Once you decide on some schools of interest, you can then research the requirements particular to those institutions. You help in your search, read the below and follow through with the li ( Full Answer )

Best Computer Science university in Nigeria?

Not too sure, but it depends on the infra structure available for the course, the quality of instruction, etc. Most new private universities, like Covenant University in Ota, Nigeria would probably rank one of the best in the country in computer science/engineering due to the huge investment in Engi ( Full Answer )

How do you get selected for the people to people program?

Students can be invited by teachers, or members of their community, even past alumni that have traveled with us can invite their friends for the chance to travel as well. Although there are many ways students can be invited to travel, there is still a interview process that EVERY student must pass t ( Full Answer )

Can ICS Intermediate Computer Science students get admission in electrical engineering program in us universities?

Study for low cost or free in Italy Bachelors in Engineering sciences leading to Mechanical or Electronics specialization 3 years course Very low fees Eligibility: Intermediate with math's and physics Eligible to apply for regional scholarship, this scholarship covers your living cost a ( Full Answer )

How can people program a computer?

You can program a computer using any of thousands of high-level or low-level languages, exen directly in binary (the only thing a computer can truly read). Do a little research on some of the more popular, high-level languages, such as C++, C, and JAVA.

Why people do master of business administration?

It depends on individual to individual why they opt MBA. Some people do MBA in order to get a good job, few do it to run their own business. Few People are doing MBA in order to get differentiated fro the bachelor students.

How relevant is the study of Environmental Science to Business Administration student?

Since businesses often find themselves subject to environmental laws and regulations, it would behoove a BA student to familiarize themselves with at least the basics of the science and theories behind the rules they have to deal with. It can also help them avoid situations where their company might ( Full Answer )

Why computer programming is a science not an Art?

It's considered a science because it's a set of very defined rules and structure. However, I have seen a strong correlation between programmers and musicians. Not sure why.

Why do people need a computer program?

Only people with computers need computer programs, as far as I know? People with computers which without computer programs, would have a a boat anchor on their desk. Boat anchors are for boats ~:- -Scott

What universities in the US offer a business administration class?

Many universities in the US offer business administration classes. All the major universites will have a school of business or college of business that offer that type of classes. Examples are University of California and Harvard University.

How can one select a computer system for your business?

One should consider price, reliability, word of mouth, reviews by users and experts and ease of use. Also, depending on the kind of business, one computer system may be better than another one.

Which universities offer majors in Computer Sciences?

The universities that offer majors in Computer Sciences are: University of Maryland, Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Oxford and National University of Singapore. These are just to mention a few as there is a large number of universities that offer Majors in Computer Sciences.

Is computer programming an art or a science?

It is both. Firstly it is a science. Computing is a science andprogramming is a science. However, there is an artistic element toit too. Scientifically there are a set amount of commands in anyprogramming language with a strict syntax and rules as to how theycan be used. It is up to programmers how ( Full Answer )