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They had Aritmetic. (English)

They had Decimation. (Maths)


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Q: What lessons were taught in Victorian schools?
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Related questions

Would Victorian nannies teach the children?

Victorian nannies often taught the children lessons in their own homes.

What lessons did the children have in Victorian time?

They had most of the lessons taught today, just taught differently. Use your common sense though. They definitely didn't study ICT!

What were girls taught in Victorian schools?

Victorian girls were taught cooking, maths, P.E, sewing and lots more.

What lessons did Victorians have?

Many sons of wealthy families went to boarding schools. When they were too young for boarding school, they were taught at home by tutors and governesses; governess was one of few learned professions available to women in Victorian times.

How were rich Victorian children educated?

Rich children were taught by tutors or governesses until they were 10. After that, the boys would go to boarding schools. At the end of the Victorian era, there were also girls' boarding schools.

How did egyptians learn hieroglyphics?

Not all Egyptians could read. Reading was only taught to royalty, priests, and scribes. It was taught in schools and in private lessons.

What did Sunday schools in Victorian England teach?

They taught lessons and stories from the Bible - e.g. Noah and the flood, Moses and the Exodus, David and Goliath, Daniel in the lion's den etc from the old testament, and the gospels of Jesus and letters of Paul etc from the new testament.

Who taught Alicia Keys piano lessons?

her moher taught her piano lessons

What year did Victorian schools open?

Victorian schools opened in 1837.

What were the lessons like in Victorian days?

In the Victorian days lessons were very expensive and most of the time the Richer children got a place.Lessons were not as good as they are today as the teachers have been taught how to teach properly and they know more then the teachers in the Victorian days.Every child today has a right to go to school today and learn and get a great education.:-) Age 9

What do you call the lessons Jesus taught?

Some of the lessons Jesus taught were called parables.

What are the lessons learned from twilight?

There are no lessons learned from Twilight. There are no lessons taught in the series.

What were the different types of schools in the Victorian era?

What were the schools like in victorian times

What subjects were taught in Victorian schools?

what did the Victorians get taught at school they got taught maths English reading writting singing religious things

What are types of lessons teached in schools?

What types of lessons are tought in Bording schools

Why did some Victorian schools close at 4pm in the winter?

why did some Victorian schools close at 4pm at winter

Why should creationism not be taught in school?

There is no legitimate reason for not teaching aboutcreationism. To deny students knowledge of common religious beliefs is cencorship. Creationism should be taught in schools - or rather, schools should inform students about creationism, explaining that there exist various religious subcultures that hold their creation stories to be literal truth.

Did victorian schools have toilets?

Victorian schools did not have toilets inside of them. It was very uncommon for anyone to have toilets inside their homes.

What is the subjects for the rich boys were taught in the boarding school in Victorian?

victorian boys were taught P.E, wood work, maths also they were taught lots more.

What were Victorian children taught at school?


How does a French teacher teach the students how to speak French-like we are taught or are the students taught by a different method?

Do you mean 'How are the French taught French?'. They would learn it the same way you learned English as a baby. Your French lessons would be more like their English lessons than their French lessons.

What is the differences between your schools today and Victorian schools?

no electricity

Should dancing and drumming be taught in schools?

Dancing and drumming should be optional activities for children who like dancing and/or drumming. These activities should be held after the curricular school day, and if the child wants, they can take private lessons at dance and music schools.

Did Ringo Starr have drum lessons?

He did not have formal lessons, but bandmate Paul McCartney taught him how to play.

When was corporal punishment banned in Victorian schools?

Corporal punishment remained legal in UK schools throughout the Victorian era. It was therefore not banned during the Victorian period. It was not banned until 1987.