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You don't have to be a level you have to have 10 neighbors on farm town.

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Q: What level do you have to be to hire people to plow on your farm on Farmtown on Facebook?
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How do you get started playing farm town?

Make a Facebook, Go On FARMTOWN AND eNJOY

How many people are using farm town application on Facebook?

Go to the farmtown page usually theres a ideal number under the fans

Why is the next farm upgrade still locked on Farmtown?

Did you reach the required level? If you did you probably do not have enough farm town money to purchase it with.

How do you use your 4x4 plower in Farmtown facebook?

first you need to level up to the certain level which will be listed beliw the buying sign. After you have done so collect the right amount of farm cash or coins to buy it. The price is usually 30,000 farm coins. Good luck and i hope you enjoy

How old do you have to be for Farm Town?

I'm not sure what the age limit for Facebook is. The FarmTown age limit is the same as Facebook's, which I think is any age! You may need to be 13 years of age.

What level do you have to be on to get people to plow on Farmtown on Facebook?

It is not a level issue. You have to have a certain amount of neighbors (I think it may be 10 but it has been a while). To find out for sure, you can go to the marketplace, click on one of the other players and select the hire to plow at your farm option. You will then see a dialogue box that will tell you exactly how many neighbors you need.

Can farm town be on a different website than facebook?

Maybe sometime in the future they will make it their own website like or something like that, but they don't yet, so you can only go on farmtown on facebook.

Why do so many people play Farmtown?

Because they have nothing better to do with their life except farm town

Is there anything like farm ville?

There's farmtown.

How do you get the influental neighbor award on Farmtown?

you have to have at least 8 neighbors in your farmtown to gain it then you can hire for other farmers to work for your farm

How do you get your farmville and Farmtown back on your computer had to put in a new harddrive had to replace hard drive in computer lost farmville and farntown pluse Facebook how do you get them back?

If you mean farmville on facebook, then you just have to log into your account. Your farm will be intact

How do you use your farm credits on Farmtown?

When you log into farmville, click the "add coins and farm cash tab". From here, select if you want coins or cash, then select the payment option. Make sure facebook credits is selected.