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You have to be at level 15.

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Q: What level do you need to get the racing building on DragonVale?
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What level do you need to be to get a huge treat farm In DragonVale?


Do you need to be level 20 in DragonVale to make rare dragons?


How do you you get your dragons above level 10 in DragonVale?

As you level up, you will be able to level up your dragons more. You simply need to grow treats and feed them.

What level unlocks the swamp dragon in DragonVale?

Well to make a swamp dragon you need water and earth. You get water at level 14 and you also can buy it at level 14. So it's level 14.

How do you get kairos in dragonvale?

First you have to buy the Perch of Kairos. Then, you have to collect all of the pieces you need. You can get them by sending your dragons on quests and racing in the Dragon Track. Once you get all the pieces, you'll get Kairos!

How do you breed a gem dragon for dragonvale when your on level nine?

You will need to just work on leveling up. It shouldn't take long. The first gemstone dragons come available at level 12.

Do you need WiFi to play DragonVale?

Yes, you must have an active internet connection on your iDevice to play DragonVale.

How do you get the racing car gta lcs?

To get the racing car, you need to complete level 4 of the car salesman adventures. After you do so, the Hellenbach GT is available.

Where can you play DragonVale online?

You can't play it online. You need a iDevice to play it.

How do you breed a snow dragon on DragonVale?

You can't breed these, you need to buy them with your coins.

What do you need to research to fix the broken machine in virtual villagers 3?

building level 2

How do you compete in contests in DragonVale?

To answer your question, you will need to buy a Colosseum which costs about 50,000 coins in dragonvale. Other than that I don't think there are any other contests to come yet.