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it learns hydro pump at 45 and sheer cold my favirote at level 60 and double edge at 65 that is all i know sorry it learns hydro pump at 45 and sheer cold my favirote at level 60 and double edge at 65 that is all i know sorry

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โˆ™ 2008-10-07 00:07:37
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Q: What level does Kyogre learn its moves?
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What are good moves for kyogre?

my kyogre knows Waterfall, Sheer Cold, Water Spout, and Thunder and it is pretty much indestructable so i recommend these moves. I know it is crazy but yes Kyogre can learn thunder.

What level does kyogre learn sheer cold in Pokemon sapphire?

lv 60 - THanks My Kyogre is just about to level up to 60 ( Its level 58). :]

In Pokemon sapphire does Kyogre learn tsunami at level 80?


What level does kyogre learn sheer cold in heart gold?

It learns it at level 75.

What level does sandslash learn moves?

Level when you get it

Are there reasons why my Pokemon has not learn any new moves?

because when you get to a certian level you have learnt all the moves it will learn by level

What moves does marshtomp learn and at what level does he learn them on sapphire?

marshtomp learns good moves in level 16 he learns mud shot but u have to train so it could learn good moves or just maake him learn moves by tm.

Is Kyogre the strongest Pokemon?

no not really unless its a level 100 and knows various moves

What level does ampharos learn moves?

Ampharos learns moves from level 1 to level 68. It's best and final move to learn is Thunder.

What move does zoroak learn at level 100?

He does not learn any moves at level 100.

What moves can Magikarp learn?

Here are the moves magikarp can learn. Any level - Splash Level 15 - Tackle Level 30 - Flail Evolves into gyrados at level 20

What moves does sawk learn and in what level?

Sawk learn counter at a level 18.Sawk learn low sweep at a level 16

What level does prinplup learn moves?

level 4,8,11,15,18,22,25,29,32,36,39, and 43.

Who is better Groudon or kyogre?

Kyogre Good Points----------------------------------------------------------Kyogre is good for Sp. Attack and Sp.Defense.Kyogre has better stats.Kyogre learns mostly Sp. Attack moves.Kyogre's best nature is the RASH nature.----------------------------------------------------------Groudon Good Points----------------------------------------------------------Groudon is good for Attack and Defense.Groudon has better moves.Groudon's best nature is BRAVE nature.Learns Earthquake!----------------------------------------------------------Kyogre Bad Points----------------------------------------------------------Kyogre has worse moves but gets better moves than Groudon when A high level.----------------------------------------------------------Groudon Bad Points----------------------------------------------------------Groudon learns Sp. attack moves when it is better with Attack.Ground type.----------------------------------------------------------

What are kygore and groundon's attacks and levels in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

In Pokémon Ruby, the Level 45 Groudon's known moves upon capture are Slash, Bulk Up, Fire Blast and Earthquake and upon capture in Sapphire the Level 45 Kyogre's known moves are Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Body Slam and Hydro Pump and Kyogre can additionally learn moves such as Rest at Level 50, Sheer Cold at Level 60, Double-edge at Level 65 and Water Spout at Level 75 and Groudon can learn additional moves such as Rest at Level 50, Fissure at Level 60, Solarbeam at Level 65 and Eruption at Level 75.

What level does Kyogre learn sheer cold in Pokemon soul silver?

It learns sheer cold at level 60.

Does Kyogre learn sheer cold at level 75 in Pokemon heart gold?

yes he does

Does Kyogre learn ice beam?

yes, it learns ice beam at level 35

What moves does haunter learn and at what level?

get a book

What moves does a nidoran learn?

Level 13

What moves does sealeo learn?

level 43

What moves do hunter learn at what level?

i dont no

What moves can Kyogre learn as he levels up in Pokemon sapphire?

Hydro pump, Water spout, Body Slam.

What level does lombre learn water type moves?

level 46

What moves can Zapdos learn?

its charge but i don't know what level can he learn it. it must be level 60 or above....