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He never does.

Luxray is a physical attacker, why on earth would you want Hyper Beam on it ??


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Thunder(Tech machine) Thunder fang bite hyper beam charge beamLuxray can learn thunder fang at level 42, discharge at level 56, scary face level 49, That is all I can remember and having my luxray take in. I beat the elite four with him and my starter only.

Luxray learn's Crunch at level 35.

Luxray doesn't learn thunder at any level, you have to teach it to him/her with TM 25.

Gyarados learns Hyper Beam at level 50.

In generation III games, Rayquaza learns Hyper Beam at level 75.

Luxray does not learn charge beam by itself, you must use TM57, which holds charge beam, on your Luxray.

You can only get Luxray by evolving a Luxio at level 30.

Level 40, and also, when it evolves Exploud will want to learn Hyper Beam.

Level 42 GL!!!!!!!!!!! <-------------- = Good luck

obtained from the eighth gym leader or if you have a luxio don't let evolve until level 48 and then it will learn it. if you have let your luxio evolve (into luxray) then it will learn it at level 56. (platinum)

he learns it at level 55 thats what happened to myne

luxray learns thunder fang at lvl 42 That is what happened to my luxray but on, it says that luxray learns thunder fang at lvl 35.

Luxray cannot learn the move Mean Look through any means (not even through breeding or tutoring).

Houndoom cannot learn thunder fang by leveling up. He can only learn thunder fang is when you breed a Houndoom and a pokemon that can learn thunder fang example ( Luxray )

Luxio evolves into Luxray exactly at level 30 on Pokemon platinum.

Lugia already has hyper beam you spasticI don't know what the person on top is speaking of. Lugia does not level up to learn Hyper Beam. You must use the TM 15 (Hyper Beam) so Lugia will learn it.

Shinx becomes Luxio at level 15, and into Luxray at level 30.

Luxio will learn Crunch at level 33 but you have to stop evolution at level 30 though. You can always evolve it to Luxray and it will learn at level 35 instead.

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