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What level does pinco evolve?

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Well My Bulbipedea is down so i think it is 31 or 33

2011-10-23 00:26:18
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Q: What level does pinco evolve?
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What level does pinco evolve in HeartGold?


How do you evolve a pinco?

Train it to level 33.

What does PINCO evolve in Pokemon heartgold?

Pinecone evolves to at level 32 or level 31

When does the pinco evolve?

give a metal coat and trade it

When does pinco evolve?

i think you need a metal coat, and give it to him or her than trade it

What level does zigzagoon evolve at?

It is suppose to evolve at the Level of 20,but if you want it to evolve later it can evolve anything after it is at Level 20.

Where can you get strength in black?

catch reshiram or zekrom and beat the Pokemon league twice then go to opelucid city and talk to the gym leader then trade reshiram evolve pinco.

How does teddiursa evolve?

It will evolve by level. Teddiursa will evolve into a Ursaring at level 30.

What if Surskit is a level 42 what level does a level 42 Surskit evolve?

It is supposed to evolve at level 22, so if you level it to level 43 or more, it will try to evolve and will have tried to evolve every Level since 22.

What level does prinplup evolve?

They evolve at level 36

What level does shieldon evolve at?

it evolve at level 30

What level does caravanha evolve?

it evolve at level 30

What level do scorpi evolve?

They evolve on level 40

What level Does bisharp evolve?

it evolve on level on 64

What level does a grimmer evolve at?

It can evolve at level 38

What level does combuskin evolve at?

It will evolve at level 36.

What level do Pokemon evolve to in Pokemon black and white?

In Pokémon Black and White, the Pokémon that evolve according to level all evolve at different levels such as Snivy will evolve into Servine at Level 17 and Servine will evolve into Serperior at Level 36 however Pokémon such as Patrat will evolve into Watchog at Level 20, Lillipup will evolve into Hedier at Level 16 and Herdier will evolve into Stoutland at Level 32, Pidove will evolve into Tranquill at Level 21 and then it will evolve into Unfezant at Level 32 and Blitzle will evolve into Zebstrika at Level 27.

What level does sewaddle evolve if you don't let evolve into swadloon?

if you dont let it evolve at the required level of level 20. itll try to evolve at every level following.

What level does cricketune evolve at?

Kricketune does not evolve, but a Kricketot will evolve into Kricketune at level 13.

How do you evolve sanshrew?

To evolve a Sandshrew level it up to Level 22 and it will evolve into Sandslash.

How do you evolve lilleep?

To evolve a Lilleep you have to level it up to Level 40, and it will evolve into Cradilly.

What level does Pikachu evolve in pokemon?

Pikachu do not evolve by level. They evolve when a thunderstone is used on them.

What level does skorupi evolve to?

evolve skorupi up to level 40 and it will evolve into a drapion

What level does kabuto evolve on LeafGreen?

Level 40.It will evolve at level 40.

How do you evolve a squirtal?

evolve it to level 16 then level it to level 36 for blastoise