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Q: What level is a cxc qualification?
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How many cxc subjects do you need to be a sciencetist?

It's scientist...and it's your cape results that determine if you can obtain a job like that

What is qualification for group 2 exam?

To kiss

What is GCE 'O' Level or equivalent?

The"General Certificate of Education 'Ordinary' Level Examination", otherwise known as the "GCE 'O' Level" or the "O Levels" is the examination taken by students of Secondary Education in the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries or regions associated with the British curriculum. The "GCE 'O' Level" is a subject-based qualification usually encompasses students of Grade 8 to Grade 10.The equivalent to "GCE 'O' Level" in the United Kingdom, including England, Wales and Northern Ireland, is the "General Certificate of Secondary Education" (abbreviated "GCSE") and the "International General Certificate of Secondary Education" (abbreviated "IGCSE" or "iGCSE").Singapore's equivalent to the "GCE 'O' Level" is the "Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education 'Ordinary' Level Examination".Malaysia's equivalent is the "Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia" (abbreviated "SPM")Scotland's equivalent is the "'O'-Grade".These equivalences are the equal qualifications by measure of qualification standard of ages in those countries. The equivalence in the recognition of universities or colleges varies by institution. Check the institution of your choice for their need of equivalence.

What is a way of understanding science or what can you do to improve your knowledge in science?

study for a qualification in science

What is the qualification for ex-serviceman in hssc patwari exam?

He should shape one and twelth pass with min fifty five percentage. He have fit to clear bpet

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What are job qualification?

are the cxc subjects that are require to do a task.

What level qualification is an 'A' level?

An 'A' level is a Level 3 qualification in the United Kingdom.

What are the pass grades in cxc?

is level 3. or grades 1-3

What is the qualification level and subject area refers to emirates group?

Qualification level and subject area in applying on emirates group

What is the principles of business cxc course out line?

how do i know what type of prodution is a restuarant and the level of production

What qualification is required for engineer title?

A level

What is an A'S level?

An AS Level is a qualification taken in college in the United Kingdom, equivalent to half of an A level.

What does cxc mean?

it means Caribbean Examination Council (CXC)

What is the highest level of math needed to be a math teacher?

There is no highest level. You can always get a higher level of qualification and that won't prevent you from teaching maths. Although minimum levels of qualification are desirable, these depend on the age group that is being taught. An A-level teacher will be expected to have a much higher qualification than someone teaching in an infant school.

Qualification Level and Subject Area?

it meany ur level of education and the jubjuct u did

What percent is a distinction in cxc?

There is no such thing as a distinction in CXC...look it up!

What position is the skull to the pelvis?

Qualification Level and Subject Area *