What level of education do you need to become an engineer?

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2009-09-26 04:05:46

A 4 year college education at an ABET accredited school, even

though you can become an engineer if you do not have a 4 year

degree but it is very difficult Depending on how you define an

Engineer it can be very different. To become a Chartered Engineer

in the UK you need either: A four year MEng (Master of Engineering)

degree and real-world practice in your engineering discipline OR A

three year BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) degree, an extra year of

study (To make up an equivalent MEng) and real-world practice. Then

you take your Chartered Professional Review with you relevant

Institution (ICE, IMechE, IStructE, etc). You can still be an

Engineer without becoming chartered and this can be gained from

many different routes. The main way to determine an Engineer is

which Institution they are a member of.

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