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A 4 year college education at an ABET accredited school, even though you can become an engineer if you do not have a 4 year degree but it is very difficult Depending on how you define an Engineer it can be very different. To become a Chartered Engineer in the UK you need either: A four year MEng (Master of Engineering) degree and real-world practice in your engineering discipline OR A three year BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) degree, an extra year of study (To make up an equivalent MEng) and real-world practice. Then you take your Chartered Professional Review with you relevant Institution (ICE, IMechE, IStructE, etc). You can still be an Engineer without becoming chartered and this can be gained from many different routes. The main way to determine an Engineer is which Institution they are a member of.

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Q: What level of education do you need to become an engineer?
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What kind of education do you need to be a mechanical engineer?

To become a mechanical engineer all you need is a bachelor's degree

What education do you need to become a robatics engineer?

Tons of math!! So if you want to become a robotics engineer you must do alot of math.

What education is required for a career as a chemical engineer?

To become an engineer you will need either a masters, bachelor, or PHD in chemical Engineering. A bachelor's degree is required for almost all entry level engineering jobs. You will need education in Physical Science and mathematics as well.

What kind of education does one need to become a Quality Assurance Engineer?


What type of education is needed to become a chemical engineer in the US?

you need degrees

What level of education do you need to become a coach?

high school level

What qualifications do you need to be a CCIE Engineer?

You don't need any lower level Cisco certifications(CCNA, CCNP,..) to become a CCIE Engineer. If you have networking knowledge & experience you can become a CCIE Engineer

What education do you need to become a chemical engineer in the us?

A Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering.

How many years of college education do you need to become an optical engineer?

The minimum educational requirement for an engineer at the professional level is a bachelor's degree. However, many go on to pursue a master's and/or doctorate degree.

What kind of degree do you need to become an engineer?

An engineering degree, usually a Bachelor's degree of Engineering - a BE - to start with. Or you can become a better engineer and go for a higher education

What is the education level required for traffic engineer jobs?

I would think you would need college and high school so you would need and a good education and that is the basic ed you would need so if you are looking to become that you would get a good pay

What level of education is needed to become a chemist?

you need to be scientific

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