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Q: What life process is associated with oxygen and food as chemical energy?
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What is the chemical process in which most living things use oxygen?

Releasing energy from food.

The chemical change of glucose and oxygen into energy -?

The chemical change of glucose and oxygen into energy is called fermentation.

What is photosyntthesis?

Photosynthesis is the process in which light energy absorbed by chlorophyll is transformed into chemical energy. The chemical energy is used to synthesise carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide. Water and carbon dioxide are the raw materials for photosynthesis. oxygen is released during the process

Steps of cellular respiration if oxygen is NOT present in the cell?

If oxygen is not present in the cell, it automatically goes into a process called fermentation. This produces chemical energy with no oxygen needed.

What chemical reaction best represents the process of photosynthesis?

It is: carbon dioxide+water+light energy=glucose+oxygen

Is oxygen a form of chemical energy?

No, oxygen is an element. Chemical energy is usually the thing that hooks elements into compounds.

The chemical change of the sun's energy into glucose and oxygen-?

Photosynthesis is the chemical change of the suns energy into glucose and oxygen.

What chemical changes oxygen into energy?

Oxygen is not changed into energy. However, energy may be released when it combines with a range of other chemical compounds and elements.

What do you need air for?

You need oxygen from the air, aswell as glucose, in order to carry out respiration which is a chemical process producing energy.

What chemical reaction in cells need oxygen to release energy?

Process is called respiration. It takes place in mitochondria.

What is the result for photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is the process by which organisms convert light energy into chemical energy. The outcome of photosynthesis is that chemical energy is produced in order to fuel the organisms living activities. In most cases, oxygen is also produced as a waste product.

WhAT process is not associated with mechanical weathering?

reactions with oxygen