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Q: What light source does Spectrophotometry utilizes?
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What is the definition of Spectrophotometry?

The term "Spectrophotometry" refers to an instrument that is often used to determine the intensity of the various wavelengths in a spectrum of light. This tool is a part of analytical chemistry.

Spectrophotometric methods using light?

For example UV-VIS absorption spectrophotometry.

What are types of spectrophotometry?


What is difference between photospectrometry and spectrophotometry?

There is no such thing as photospectrometry. It's sometimes used when actually meaning spectrophotometry. This usage is incorrect.

What is atomic spectrophotometry?

spectrophotometry is a branch of spectroscopy dealing with measurement of radiant energy transmitted or reflected by a body as function of wave lenght %

Is a traffic light a light reflector or light source?

light source

What is the purpose of the blank?

Blank Sample in Spectrophotometry is used to measure the absorbance of light without sample. It is subtracted from the total absorbance for measurement of Absorbance from a sample's absorbance.

An object that gives out light is it a light source or it is a light energy?

It is a light source.

How do you determine heavy metal in water?

By chemical analysis: Uv-vis absorption spectrophotometry, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma emmission spectrometry, polarograhy, phosphorescence fluorometry, flame spectrophotometry, etc.

What is a light source?

The Sun is a light source Something that makes light.

Is a computer screen a light source or a light reflector?

light source

Is a lightning a source of light?

It is certainly a source of light but it is not a practical, usable source.