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Type your answer hereITs your moms friends husbands daughters sons cousins uncle ......... This is Pedro Martinez.

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What literary devices are used in a Tale of Two Cities?

Dickens was a master of the metaphor and was also very skilled in the use of anaphora. In A Tale of Two Cities, he also utilizes paradox and irony.

What literary term is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles dickens?

Dramatic irony is the literary term used in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

What is the first chapter of A Tale of Two Cities talking about?

Generally it is talking about the conditions of the cities which are disbalanced

What chapter is Gabelle talked about in A Tale of Two Cities?

In book the second's chapter 23 Fire Rises.

What are five rhetorical devices for A Tale of Two Cities?

a biblical allusion when he speaks of the wine

What is the movable framework in the Tale of Two Cities first chapter?

The moveable framework within that first chapter refers to the guilliotine.

What chapter is the storming of Bastille in in A Tale of Two Cities?

It's in chapter 21 of Book the Second. It should be called Echoing Footsteps.

What chapter does marquis run over gaspards son in A Tale of Two Cities?

That occurs in Book 2 either chapter 7, or chapter 8 (im not sure which)

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