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Q: What logo has Tennessee whiskey on it?
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What logo says Tennessee sour mash whiskey?

Jack Daniel's

What logo for Irish whiskey has mes in it?

Jameson Irish Whiskey

When was Benjamin Prichard's Tennessee Whiskey created?

Benjamin Prichard's Tennessee Whiskey was created in 1997.

What are prouducts made in Tennessee?

Tennessee Sipping Whiskey,

What is man made in Tennessee?


Does Tennessee have an official state drink?

No but if it did it would surely be Tennessee Sipping Whiskey.

Can you ship a bottle of whiskey from NJ to Nashville?

Why would you want to? Tennessee has the best whiskey!

How many carbohydrates in Tennessee whiskey?

6g per 1.5oz shot.

What is the product that Tennessee mainly produces?

Tennessee Sipping Whiskey is one of the most popular.

What is Tennessee's state beverage?

It has no official beverage but if it did Tennessee Sipping Whiskey would be a winner.

Can you use Tennessee whiskey is place of Irish whiskey in a recipe?

Absolutely - the flavour will be a little different to that of Irish whiskey but there's no reason why not.

What materials is Tennessee famous for?

Jack Daniels whiskey