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Q: What logo has a gold 'H' on a white background with a red line to the left and base of it?
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When gold chains are left in bleach they begin to deteriorate. This is because bleach is a very heavy base.

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What does Chinas flag look like?

one big gold star in the top left corner, with four smaller gold stars curving round it on a red background.

What is the flag of Greece like?

It is covered with horizontal blue and white stripes, and in the top left corner there is a white cross (like a + sign) on top of a blue background.

What colors are on the Finland flag?

The colors on the flag of Finland are white and blue. Most of it is just a white background and the rest is filled by a blue cross that has fallen to the left.

What is the flag descripton of England?

A red cross on a white background: composed of one horizontal stripe running across the centre of the background and one vertical stripe running across the centre of the background (not to be confused with the Scottish flag, which is a red cross composed of two diagonal stripes, one going from top left to bottom right of the background, and the other going from top right to bottom left of the background).

What does the flag of Nunavut look like?

Flag has a yellow background on the left and white on the right with a blue star and a red inuksuk in the center.

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Green and red with a corn stalk on the left and a sword and arrow on the right on the bottom are mountain white and a light blue background

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What are the colors of China's flag?

The Chinese flag is red and gold. It consists of a gold five-pointed star in the upper left corner, with four smaller gold five-pointed stars in a vertical arc to the right of the main star. The background of the flag is red.

What does the national flag of china look like?

All red background, with a big yellow 5-pointer star in the top left corner, and 4 tiny yellow stars surrounding it on the right side