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To be concidered for admission into the top 70 percentile of NYU Law, you must have a score of 164 or higher (according to 2010 statistics)

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Q: What lsat score for nyu law school?
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Is NYU Stern an accredited school?

NYU Stern is a business branch at the university. NYU stern is an accredited school. NYU stern is one of the more popular and well known business school on the east coast.

Can you go to law school in one state and practice in another like go to NYU and then practice in MA?

The location of the law school is not important. What is important is where you pass the bar exam.

What is the best law school in New York state?

Columbia University School of Law and NYU School of Law in Manhattan are in competition for that title. They have been switching places for national ranking of 4 and 5 in the US News for a while now.

Does NYU have a medical school?

Yes, NYU does have a School of Medicine. Here is their link:

What sat score can help you gain scholarship into NYU?

over 9000!

What are the ACT scores needed to get into NYU?

The average SAT score for current freshmen is 1300-1400 with a GPA of 3.63.

What didlady gaga study in nyu?


If one got a law degree at NYU can one practice law in all fifty states?

There is no justifiable answer to the question 'If one got a law degree at NYU can one practice law in all fifty states'. However according to NYU website they have students from all 50 states attending courses, therefore reading between the lines, on could practice law in all fifty states if one got a law degree at NYU.

Where did Sonia Sotomayor teach law school?

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a graduate of Yale Law School, was an adjunct professor of law at NYU School of Law, from 1998 until 2007.Sotomayor joined the US Supreme Court in August 2009.For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What city is a school in in New York?


What colleges offer the best joint degree programs in medicine?

It generally goes by each of the dual degree's school. For example, NYU has one of the top law schools and top business schools, so a joint J.D./MBA from NYU will be highly regarded. Often law school and business school rankings and pretige are correlated with each other, so a good law school generally means that same college has a good business school (although not in every case). You can view school rankings at US News and World Report.

where is a business law class located somewhere near new york city?

NYU has an appropriate business course, for $19,903.00 per year. Columbia law school, also in NYC is $54,932 per year. New York Law school is $2400 per course.