What makes Nike TNC?

nike is a tnc because it makes its products in other countries.
the company itself is baes in Oregon in the states.
� Nike operates in over 120 countries but is based in Oregon in the Unites States.
� Nike is an athletic clothing and footwear manufacturer.
� Nike has incorporated social responsibility into its overall business strategy.
� Nike admits that is has not been as vigilant as it could have been in the past when it came to monitoring working conditions but they say this is changing.
� Nike was founded in 1972
� Nikes plans for the future :
. A continued effort to eliminate PVC in its products
. The 'reuse a shoe' programme which, since its interception, has enabled some 13 million pairs of shoes to be recycled.
.Working with organic cotton farmers to create a larger market for their cotton.
.reducing emissions in factories worldwide and encouraging the adoption of environmental management systems in each plant
connor ord!
�Nike is strict about people entering the factory, because it is slavery