What makes Nike so successful?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Products in 160 countries

Apparel for types of sports

Famous athletes are sponsored by nike

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it recycles shoes

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Q: What makes Nike so successful?
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Why is Nike so successful?

they poo allot

Who makes Air Jordans?

Nike makes Jordan's.

What makes Nike so appealing to consumers?

Its strong marketing makes it a desirable brand.

Is Nike likely to be successful in global soccer?

Nike already is successful in global soccer and the brand is known world wide.

What did Nike give Carolyn Davidson after becoming so successful?

A special pair of running shoes

Who makes Nike golf clubs?


After Nike became so successful what did Bill Bowerman give Carolyn Davidson?

A big house

What are the name of the shoes that Soulja Boy had in the video successful?

They were called 'Nike Soft' by Nike

How much Nike makes in a year?

nike makes $1.95 coupons from mc donalds :)

Who makes Nike golf balls?

The Nike Corporation.

How are college sports teams endorsed by Nike?

Nike pays players to wear their shoes and endorse them, so Nike makes more money. Players want to be endorsed by Nike because THEY get paid to wear the shoes. Nike isn't the only company that does that, though.

What makes lamborghini so successful?

because they are expensive