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His desire to hang on to power at any cost and complete lack of empathy with the suffering of his fellow man.

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Q: What makes Robert Mugabe evil?
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Why is Robert Mugabe so evil?

Robert Mugabe sought to keep his power at any cost. He led to the suffering of his people and anyone who opposes was put in jail.

What qualifications does Robert mugabe have?

Robert Mugabe has a Phd.

Was Robert mugabe a good citizen?

Robert Mugabe is a brutal thug and murderer.Robert Mugabe is a brutal thug and murderer.

What does Robert Mugabe do?

Robert Mugabe is running a democracy as a dictatorship

How much is Robert Mugabe worth?

Robert Mugabe is estimated to be worth at least $10 million. Robert Mugabe is the current president of Zimbabwe.

What is the birth name of Robert Mugabe?

Robert Mugabe's birth name is Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

When was Robert Mugabe born?

Robert Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924.

What has the author Robert Mugabe written?

Robert Mugabe has written: 'Our war of liberation'

What country is associated with the name robert mugabe?

Robert Mugabe is the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

When and where was Robert Mugabe born?

Robert Mugabe was born on Feburary 21 1924 in Rhodesia

Is Robert mugabe member of illuminati?

Robert Mugabe is not a member of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a fictional group.

Where does Robert Mugabe live?

Mugabe lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Whom did Robert Mugabe succeed as the President of Zimbabwe?

Whom did Robert Mugabe succeed as the President of Zimbabwe?

How old is Robert Mugabe?

Robert Mugabe is 93 years old (birthdate: February 21, 1924).

Was president Robert mugabe a former boxer?

Robert Mugabe was not a boxer according to records. However, there is a John Mugabe who was born in 1960 who is a professional boxer from Zimbabwe.

How old Robert mugabe?

Mugabe is now 90 years old.

Was Robert Mugabe castrated?

No he was not.

Did Robert Mugabe resign?


Was Robert Mugabe a soldier?

Robert Mugabe is the second and current President of Zimbabwe. He was a soldier before turning to politics.

Was Robert Mugabe a boxer?


Who is the richest Zimbabwean?

Robert Mugabe !

How did Robert Mugabe come into power?


Who is the priminester of Zimbabwe?

Robert Mugabe

Is Robert Mugabe a murder?


Is President Robert Mugabe Illuminati?