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What makes Robert Mugabe evil?

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His desire to hang on to power at any cost and complete lack of empathy with the suffering of his fellow man.

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Robert Mugabe sought to keep his power at any cost. He led to the suffering of his people and anyone who opposes was put in jail.

Robert Mugabe is a brutal thug and murderer.Robert Mugabe is a brutal thug and murderer.

Robert Mugabe is running a democracy as a dictatorship

Robert Mugabe is estimated to be worth at least $10 million. Robert Mugabe is the current president of Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe's birth name is Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924.

Robert Mugabe has written: 'Our war of liberation'

Robert Mugabe is the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe was born on Feburary 21 1924 in Rhodesia

Robert Mugabe is not a member of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a fictional group.

Mugabe lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Whom did Robert Mugabe succeed as the President of Zimbabwe?

Robert Mugabe is 93 years old (birthdate: February 21, 1924).

Mugabe is now 90 years old.

Robert Mugabe was not a boxer according to records. However, there is a John Mugabe who was born in 1960 who is a professional boxer from Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe is the second and current President of Zimbabwe. He was a soldier before turning to politics.

Robert Mugabe was arrested in December of 1963 and imprisoned in 1964 for speaking out against the government of South Rhodesia.

The President of Zimbabwe is Robert Mugabe. He makes $18,000 a year in US dollars.

No, he is alive and well.

Robert Mugabe was born in a mission in the Zvimba District in Zimbabwe. He is currently the President of Zimbabwe, and has also served as Prime Minister.

Yes i also heard that British Government is trying to remove Robert Mugabe from power.

Robert Mugabe has been ruling Zimbabwe for 31 years since 1980 when Zimbabwe gained independence.

Before President Robert Mugabe, Canaan Sodindo Banana led Zimbabwe from April 18th, 1980 until December 31st, 1987. During this period, President Robert Mugabe was the Prime Minister.

Robert Mugabe is known for his role in politics as well as his position as the President of Zimbabwe. He is seen as "racist" by many and has opposition to gay rights.

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