What makes Robert Mugabe evil?

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His desire to hang on to power at any cost and complete lack of empathy with the suffering of his fellow man.
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How does Robert Mugabe affect history?

Robert Gabriel Matibili Mugabe . Mugabe will be remembered for fighting white colonialism during the 1960s to the late 1970s, when he was imprisoned in Rhodesian jails for fighting for justice for the black majority. However, he will also be remembered for failing to transform a promising country ( Full Answer )

What do you think about Robert Mugabe?

He is a dictator who is treating many people badly, it is horribleand he should be shot! this is my opinion and as I'm from Zimbabwe I'm entitled to myopinion.

Who is Robert Mugabe?

Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe since 1987 to present.He is a dictator, which means there is only one party in Zimbabweand he is the leader of that party and the country. he has takenall of the white farmers land. While the country was in poverty hehad a 80kg cake.

How did Robert Mugabe bankrupt the Zimbabwe economy?

\nMugabe enacted a policy of forcible dispossession of White farmers by means of a rag-tag terrorist-like group called the "War Veterans", who used violence to literally throw people off their land. "War Veterans" subsequently took over management of the farms and because of their incompetence the f ( Full Answer )

Why does Robert Mugabe fix elections when he could just abolish them?

The appearance of 'free and fair elections' gives Mugabe the ability to say he was 'elected' rather than has taken and held power through other methods. This would give Mugabe an air of credibility and allow him to have dealings with democratic countries while still maintaining power. However, m ( Full Answer )

Was president Robert mugabe a former boxer?

Robert Mugabe was not a boxer according to records. However, thereis a John Mugabe who was born in 1960 who is a professional boxerfrom Zimbabwe.

What is Robert mugabe doing right now?

Robert G. Mugabe is currently the president of Zimbabwe, officially he is the head of state and government and the commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces. He leads a unity government with other political parties in the multi-party state that is Zimbabwe. He works with the prime minister o ( Full Answer )

Is Robert mugabe a Rhodes scholar?

Robert Mugabe earned several college degrees, but is not a RhodesScholar. Some notable Rhodes Scholars are Bill Clinton, EdwinHubble, John Marshall Harlan II, and J. William Fulbright.

What did Robert Mugabe do?

He got rid of all the white farmers in Zimbabwe, He took paymentsfrom the British government meant to be used to buy property andbusinesses from whites and gave it to his friends.

Is Robert Mugabe good or bad?

Robert Mugabe is defiantly a bad president as he doesn't care about his people. He is living in Africa with loads of money and the people in Africa are starving to death with no homes and no proper life's.

Where was Robert mugabe born?

Robert Mugabe was born in a mission in the Zvimba District inZimbabwe. He is currently the President of Zimbabwe, and has alsoserved as Prime Minister.

Why do some people say Robert Mugabe should not still be president?

because he has too much power. And like before when the election was held people did not vote for him. So he cheated and became presedent. But most of the people who did not vote for him where later in prisoned, killed or there family toched. So the next time there was a alection almost every 1 vote ( Full Answer )

What kind of terrible stuff that Robert Mugabe committed?

Robert mugabe has deprived his own population of resources and used food as a political weapon by giving only Zanu PF supporters food. South African diplomacy has not only failed, but succeeded in supporting Zimbabwe. While big brands such as Tiger, Barclays, Standard Bank, Spar ect, had to buy gove ( Full Answer )

How wealthy is Robert mugabe?

Mugarbage is the ordained and omnipotent president of Zimbabwe, his wealth in nominal terms equals the annual revenue of Zimbabwe which is equal to US$ 2.4 billion.

How much is Robert Mugabe worth?

Robert Mugabe is estimated to be worth at least $10 million. RobertMugabe is the current president of Zimbabwe.

Why is Robert Mugabe so evil?

Robert Mugabe sought to keep his power at any cost. He led to thesuffering of his people and anyone who opposes was put in jail.

Has Robert mugabe killed any of his own people?

yes mugabe killed his own official Elliot Manyika and qouted ,"He was warned not to go. He was told he would die if he went to Gwanda but he refused and maintained that he had a job to do there." soo yes this is true

Who ran against Robert Mugabe in the latest election?

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe [b. February 21, 1924] was the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front [ZANU-PF] candidate in the presidential elections of March 29, 2008. Dr. Simbarashe Herbert Stanley, ka Simba, Makoni [b. March 22, 1950] was an independent candidate. And Morgan Richard Ts ( Full Answer )

Why is Robert Mugabe hated?

Because he did the unthinkable, challenging the western myth, that only westerners have a right to everything, disregarding how it was aquired, you can't challenge the west and get away with it.

Why is Robert Mugabe a bad leader?

because he doesn't care about the health of his people, just about him being the president and getting fancy treatment nd leaving the poor to die.

How did Robert Mugabe take power?

Mugabe was elected after Zimbabwe (previously known as Rhodesia) got its independence from Britain in 1981. It had been the last British colony in Africa.

Is Robert mugabe a good leader?

NO. Mugabe is a cruel despot who has made himself and his cronies rich at the expense of Zimbabwe's people

Is Robert mugabe a great leader?

No, he killed two men, tortuded 5000 children. He has been responsible for killing many hundreds of his owncountrymen. He is an evil dictator and brought misery to thousandsof ordinary Africans.

How long has Robert Mugabe been in power?

"Too long!" More specifically and neutrally speaking, Mugabe has been in charge for almost 30 years, in an unbroken era since April 1980.

How many people has Robert mugabe killed?

102 people I guess.......... Robert Mugabe has at least killed 3-6 million, 1/3 of the population of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe, 1982-87 - 20,000 people

Is Robert Mugabe corrupt?

- The US, UK, EU, Australia, and Jamaica seem to think so. See the Wikipedia article listed as a related link below for more information, please:

Why did Robert Mugabe become a dictator?

Robert Mugabe is not a dictator.He's a man of principle.He sticks to principle.Washington is the dictator.10 Downing Street freezes anyone who tries to help the suffering Zimbabweans. You've lived there and know it all, I suppose ? I doubt it.

Why did Robert Mugabe go to prison?

Robert Mugabe was arrested in December of 1963 and imprisoned in 1964 for speaking out against the government of South Rhodesia.

How did robert mugabe abuse his power?

Mugabe abused his power by giving government positions to his friends and relatives, stealing government moneys, rigging elections and randomly murdering the opposition. He should be brought to Hague and face justice.

Is Robert mugabe a freemason?

In 1994 Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, was made an honoraryKnight Commander of the Order of the Bath by Queen Elizabeth II.This means he can put the letters KCB behind his name, but cannotuse the title "Sir". Since then, Robert Mugabe has gone fromfreedom fighter and leader of a liberation mo ( Full Answer )

What impact has Robert mugabe had on Zimbabwe?

Mugabe has been president since 1980 and his country has seen regression and corruption rather than development. Hyperinflation has hit the country. In 2006, inflation rates were greater than 1,000, meaning that food supplies were 11 times more expensive compared to 12 months ago. It has experienced ( Full Answer )

Was Robert Mugabe a soldier?

Robert Mugabe is the second and current President of Zimbabwe. Hewas a soldier before turning to politics.

Is Robert mugabe a free mason?

Most probably. World leaders belong to an exclusive club even if, or maybe because they are somewhat unsavoury.

What does the cartoon imply about Robert Mugabe?

Robert Mugabe is the president of Zimbabwe. It is possible that cartoon in reference is a political cartoon about him. Without seeing the actual cartoon, it's difficult to say what it's trying to imply.

What are the political differences between Barack Obama and Robert Mugabe?

These are two men who are totally opposite in their governing philosophies and ideologies. Mr. Mugabe is known for being an arbitrary and sometimes-brutal dictator with little tolerance for political dissent; those who disagree with him are jailed or driven from the country. He has also overcompens ( Full Answer )

Who is the greater leader - Robert Mugabe or Barack Obama?

I think most people would agree that Barack Obama is a better leader that Robert Mugabe. By all objective accounts, Mr. Mugabe has become a brutal dictator who forcibly takes property away from his political enemies (and from white farmers), who has driven his country into financial ruin, punished ( Full Answer )

What is Robert Mugabe known for?

Robert Mugabe is known for his role in politics as well as his position as the President of Zimbabwe. He is seen as "racist" by many and has opposition to gay rights.

Who is the current greatest African leader Robert Mugabe or Barack Obama?

Neither. And this is actually an impossible comparison to make. Robert Mugabe has destroyed the economy of Zimbabwe and turned a formerly prosperous nation into a corrupt dictatorship, where people have no rights. Barack Obama is not African. He is the son of an African father, but he was born in th ( Full Answer )

Who is the greatest African leader - Robert Mugabe or Barack Obama?

Neither. And this is actually an impossible comparison to make. Robert Mugabe has destroyed the economy of Zimbabwe and turned a formerly prosperous nation into a corrupt dictatorship, where people have no rights. Barack Obama is not African. He is the son of an African father, but he was born in th ( Full Answer )

How is Barack Obama better leader than Robert Mugabe?

This has been asked before, and the answer remains the same: RobertMugabe is a brutal African dictator who jails his opponents anduses the country's resources for his own benefit. He knows how tokeep his supporters loyal to him with favors and is known to run acorrupt government, where a very few pr ( Full Answer )

What movie and television projects has Robert Mugabe been in?

Robert Mugabe has: Played himself in "Panorama" in 1953. Played himself in "Chronicle" in 1966. Played Himself - President of Zimbabwe in "BBC Four News" in 2002. Played himself in "Iowa City Shorts" in 2003. Played Zimbabwe President in "The Standard" in 2005. Played himself in "Favouritism" in 200 ( Full Answer )