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A malfunctioning battery can't provide enough power to your ignition system when the motor is idling can cause sputtering. If there is not enough gas, that can cause your vehicle to sputter. If the spark plugs fail to fire will also cause your vehicle to sputter.

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Q: What makes a car sputter?
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Why does your car sputter in the rain?

A car could sputter in the rain if the car needs new seals. There could also be a spark plug or wire that needs to be replaced.

Would bad heater core cause car to sputter?


Why a car sputter when making a turn?

check your gas filter

What cause your car to sputter when you drive it?

It may need a tune up.

Why would a car sputter when idling?

because itt needs to be work on

Why would a car backfire 1 time then sputter?

A sparkplug misfiring.

What makes car be running smooth then it starts to sputter as if not getting gas i then put gas peddal to the floor and after a few seconds or so the car takes off fast?

Could be as simple as a good tune up.

What causes a car to sputter and shut off?

There could be several reasons why a car would sputter and shut off. The car might be out of gas, dead battery, bad starter, alternator problems or other issues. It is best to have it checked out by a licensed mechanic.

Why does your car sputter?

it could be alot of things from clogged fuel injectors to being out of gas

Why would your car shake and sputter in below freezing temperature?

ice in the fuel system

What makes a 1999 Dodge Dakota sputter?

There are a few things that can cause a 1999 Dodge Dakota to sputter. For example, the battery may be malfunctioning or the park plugs can be going bad.

What makes a Honda Accord sputter?

Bad fuel,clogged fuel filter,fouled plugs.

What makes a Dodge Caravan sputter and cut out after driving a while?

Could be a plugged fuel filter.

What makes a 1997 s10 blazer spite and sputter?

Probably in need of a good tune up.

Why does your car sputter when you give it gas i have a 1998 Acura Intega GS?

Tune up time.

Could a bad distributor cause a car to misfire or sputter?

Yes, that is one of many possibilities.

What can a clogged fuel make a car do?

A clogged fuel filter or fuel line will likely make your car sputter as if it is going to stall.

Why would your car idle fine but sputter when you accelerate?

There are a number of reasons why a car would idle find but sputter when you accelerate. It could need a new spark plugs. You may also have to replace the filters. It might also be an issue with the air flow.

Why does my engine sputter when revved?

There are many reasons why an engine will sputter when revved. There may not be enough fuel getting to the engine, there may not be enough electricity getting through the car, or the computer could be going out.

Why does your car smell like fuel and spit and sputter?

my jeep Cherokee Laredo did the same thing, it was the oxegen sensor, smelled like gas when you drive it and spit and sputter, especially at take off.

What makes a ford focus sputter while driving in high heat conditions?

youre driving a ford!

What happens when you put old gas in a car?

it will make it spit and sputter and tear up ur engine

Why would a car sputter and stall and then not start again?

FUEL PUMP IS YOUR PROBLEM {why do you think its the fuel pump?}

What would cause a car to sputter when it accelerates?

bad fuel bad spark plugs incorrect timing

What is causing your Volvo to sputter and hesitate?

Other posts I've seen suggest it is a weak fuel pump and went on to say it was the one in the tank that was replaced and not the one next to the fuel filter under the drivers side of the car. I will try this on my car tomorrow and see if it fixes the sputter.