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What makes a consumer wise?

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List the characteristic of a wise consumer?

Some good characteristics of a wise consumer are researching a product before purchasing. Another one is reading reviews and getting opinions from family and friends. Calling multiple stores or checking online for prices is also another great characteristic of a wise consumer.

How is a producer different from a consumer?

the producer makes the product and the consumer eats it or makes use of it

What is an organism that makes its own food?

a consumer its a producer because a producer is what makes the food and a consumer eats the food.

How making wise food helps you?

It makes the person wise.

What type of consumer is a vole?

A vole is a herbivore, which makes it a secondary consumer.

Is a sqirrel a producer or consumer?

Producers are plants. That makes a squirrel a consumer.

What are reason why information is necessary for a wise consumer?

Because he can take the information for a reference

What are the benefits of being a wise consumer?

You buy the things you want at a lower cost.

What is a wise consumer?

A wise consumer knows about being trifty and other things.They buy foods that they only need they don't buy other extra things that they don't need.They know if the food they buy is fresh or over priced in the market. a wise consumer can promote his or her health and well-being .he or she can save time and money ,they can build their self-confidence and they can protect their rights.being a smart consumer means deciding and spending wisely to get the most out of what is spent.

Is a beaver a secondary consumer?

A beaver is basically a herbivore. That makes it a primary consumer.

Is a grasshopper a primary consumer secondary consumer or tertiary consumer?

Grasshoppers eat vegitation. That makes them primary consumers.

Is a gray fox a consumer or producer?

it is a comsumer it eats plants and animals andd can not make its own food so that makes it a consumer.

What makes a man wise?

learning from failure.

What makes owls wise?

experience from their lives.

Is plankton a consumer?

Plankton is not a consumer because it eats different bacterias, this makes its a producer.

What makes an animal a secondary consumer?

If an animal eats plants it's a secondary consumer.

What's a sentence with the word primary consumer in it?

A primary consumer makes their own food.

Makes a man healthy wealthy and wise?

Benjamin Franklin is known to have said, "Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

What is the importance of being a wise consumer?

Being a bad consumer a not having a budjet can lead to disasterous resaults. Impulse shopping is usually what gets people into dept.

The graph comparing the income a consumer makes?

The answer depends on what is being compared: the income of the same consumer at different stages of their life or the income of a consumer compared with other consumer.

Is the ostrich a consumer or producer?

An Ostrich is a consumer. A produce would be somthing such as a plant that makes it's own food. A consumer gets it's foor therefore it is a consumer.

What makes an organism a consumer?

An organism is a consumer if it eats- 1. another animal OR 2. another plant

What is a animal called that relies on others to get its food?

A consumer. A producer is one who makes the food for the consumer(s).

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