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a difference in pressure (differential pressure). For example putting air in a tire (I know its pneumatics and not hydraulics but it is the same concepts.) the air tank is holding 110 lbs of pressure and when you connect the hose to a tire with 25 lbs the air is going to flow from the tank to the tire. or from high pressure to low pressure.

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Q: What makes a fluid flow in a pressurized system?
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What does an inline choke do to fluid flow through a pressurized pipe?

It reduces the flow rate.

What is fluid media oil?

stable & pulseless microfluidic flow control system

What is a hydraulic sensor?

A sensor that measures flow and pressure of the fluid in a hydraulic system.

When comparing the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system with the flow of blood in the circulatory system it can be said that the lymphatic system also?

get a life you nerd

What direction does water flow through a universal pipe joint?

every direction its all pressurized every direction its all pressurized

An irregular fluid flow is what?

Irregular Fluid Flow is called Turbulent Flow! I hope this helped! :D

What is a thermal conductor?

A substance / system that conducts heat to / from a surface, with resorting to (external) fluid flow.

Is a thermal conductor?

A substance / system that conducts heat to / from a surface, with resorting to (external) fluid flow.

How does the cooling system flow dodge 8.0L?

The belt drives the water pump which pushes the fluid .

Can installing a swivel joint in my fluid system improve flow efficiency?

No. A swivel joint is a way of controlling where fluid flows, not the efficiency at which it flows.

Can you heat press viscous material?

viscosity is a property of fluids ( the substances can flow) ; and it is a measure of resistance to flow due to cohesiveness forces of the two adjacent layers of that fluid. as we increased the temperature of the fluid the viscosity goes on decreasing and the fluid tendency to pressurize is keep on increasing. but until the fluid becomes gas from liquid ; that fluid can not be pressurized. so yes we can pressurize a viscous material by application of heat if the phase change takes place and the material turns to gaseous phase.

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This is a system where the boiler heated fluid flows by the principle of gravity-flow instead of pumps. This principle requires the distribution system to be sized correctly and installed with accurate slopes for the hot water to rise in and flow to the terminal units.