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What makes a good team leader?


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March 20, 2013 8:06PM

how to be a good team leader

  • get to know your team mates names
  • get to know what your team is like
  • be a good friend and help them out sometimes
  • make sure when they come to a game or something make sure they are all there
  • if your team mates get hurt and fall don'tjust leave them there make sure they are alright and help them to the nearest seat
  • make sure your team mates are OK if your team is playing against another team in sports encourage them and tell them that you will go out there and be all you can be cause you know what you are the best team player i know go out there and have your time
  • and you have to be a good leader also make sure your on time to a team meeting
  • if you do as i said you will be the best leader in the world