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A robot is designed to automatically or remotely manipulate an object or objects by mimicking a human movement. The robot is either built to be stronger, less susceptible to damage, steadier, or built to withstand tedious repetition.

In simple terms a machine has moving parts that redirects energy like a car or pinball game. A robot is a specific type of machine designed to manipulate its environment on its own. Machines should not be confused with electronics like computers which have no moving parts but in common usage are considered machines because electronics often have internal machinery and vice versa.

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Q: What makes a machine a robot?
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What makes makes a robot a robot?

It's movements and other controls are machine based.

How is robot and a machine alike?

a robot is a machine, they just make these things around it to look like a robot.

What makes a robot a robot and not just a machine?

What makes a robot is A.I.( artificial intelligence) if you have a computer on wheels it's not a robot a robot is a electronic device that can do multiple tasks, a robot that rolls isn't a robot it has to do multiple tasks like my robot shamrock 17 it is real it glides,fights,rolls, and can be switched to remote controlled or free roaming so pretty much it has to do at least two tasks.

Is an answering machine a machine or a robot?

An answering machine is simply a machine. A robot is also a machine, but it is capable of many complicated, self directed activities that are programmed into it.

Is a computer a robot or machine?

probably a machine .. :)

What classifies a robot as a robot?

If a machine has been programed to perform a specific task then it is a robot.

What rhymes with machine that is a calm robot?

serene machine

Is an ATM a robot?

No, it is a machine.

What is a Dispenser Robot?

Vending machine.

What is the other term for robot?

Automated machine.

Is terminator a machine or a robot?

The terminator is a cyborg.

What is a e-machine robot?


What is arobot?

a robot is a machine that moves and talks

Is robot a living thing or a non living thing?

By definition, a robot is a machine and therefore not a living entity.

What is the difference between machines and robots?

A robot is a machine.

What song did the robot dance come from?

Dancing Machine

What is machine capable of performing tasks automatically?

A robot

What two characteristics differentiate a robot from a machine?


What is a machine which can perform human duties?

A robot. An android.

How is a robot different from an automated machine?

They are functionally identical.

What is difference between robots and fractal robots?

a robot is only a machine and fractal is reconfigurable machine.

How do you use the jetpack in give up robot 2?

A robot is a machine and like any machine it needs to have input/programming. It can not think beyond what it is meant to do and Robots can do anything you set them to do. Like in factories all they have to do with making their product is make the robot.

What is the difference of a robot and a machine?

A Robot is a combination of Electronic Circuitsand Mechanical Machines.So a Robot can not be made without Machines.They Both are Complimentary of each other.

Have any body invented a robot that makes food?

They really don't know if they made a robot that makes food in it. But we will inform you people.

Why do people need emotions?

To feel that they are alive, and we are not a machine or a robot. :)