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the refrigerator is iron or steel, therefore the magnet sticks to it.

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Q: What makes a magnet stick to a refrigerator?
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What makes a refrigerator a magnet?

The refrigerator isn't actually a magnet, it it simply made of metal which magnets can then stick to.

What is refrigerator magnet?

it is a magnet and you just stick it to your fridge

What is a Refrigerator magnet?

it is a magnet and you just stick it to your fridge

What will happen if you put a magnet in a fridge?

It will stick to the refrigerator

What makes magnets stick too metal?

the magnet it could stick together becaus esomehow the metal attracts the magnet and it makes pulls the metal material and stick to it

Why do magnets stick to refrigerator doors?

They magnetic and magnets are attracted to metal objects. since the refrigerator has metal in it the magnet sticks to it.

What are some things that you stick to a magnet?

paper clip nail iron sand refrigerator staple

Why does the magnet stick to the refrigerator?

Because most refrigerators are made of ferromagnetic materials, and ferromagnetic materials are attracted to magnets.

If a refrigerator magnet can't hold apiece of paper against a refrigerator what forces are acting on it?

if a refrigerator magnet cant hold a piece of paper against a refrigerator, the forces acting on the magnet must be what?

Is a Refrigerator magnet a Permanent magnet?


What type of magnet is a Refrigerator magnet?

The term "refrigerator magnet" is ambiguous and may refer to any number of types of magnets. However, typically a refrigerator magnet is going to be relatively weak and made of the most inexpensive materials available. Hard refrigerator magnets are likely iron. Flexible refrigerator magnets are made of bonded ferrite powders; barium ferrite is among the most common. In general classification, a refrigerator magnet is a permanent magnet.

Do your fingers stick to a magnet?

No, your fingers cannot stick to a magnet. Only iron or steel objects will stick to a magnet. Your fingers do not have those materials, so it will not stick to a magnet.