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A paper cup is not the best insulator. A better insulated cup is the foam cup. However, it is better insulated than other materials such as a metal canteen, due the the heat capacities of the materials. Putting two paper cups to together acts as a decent insulator due to the air between the two cups. This is due the to air being a poor conductor of heat.

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Q: What makes a paper cup a good insulator?
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Is a plastic cup a better insulator than a paper cup?

Plastic is an insulator. but most of the paper is not insulated, because the paper in general contains water, although the content is very low, but enough to pass current, but there also is a special insulation paper, that is on the special purpose. so in dry conditions, and the cup has no water, a plastic cup is a better insulator than a paper cup.

Why is styrofoam cup a good insulator?

Styrofoam cup is a good insulator because it is coated with foam

Why would a polystyrene cup be a good insulator of heat?

Polystyrene is a substance that when in a solid state has a lot of holes. These holes trap air inside them and since air is a good insulator, the polystyrene cup is a good insulator. *Air is only a good insulator when not moving, hence why a breeze feels cold.

Is a foam cup A good conductor of heat?

It is a good insulator of heat :)

Is a plastic bottle a good insulator?

Yes A2: Yes, If it's a Foam cup. Not if it's simply a solid plastic cup.

Is a plastic cup a good insulator or conductor?


Is a foam coffee cup a conductor or a insulator?

Styrofoam, along with most other expanded plastics, is a very poor insulator of heat and electricity, thereby making a foam coffee cup a very good insulator.

Is paper a insulator or conductor?

Paper is a resistor, but it is a bad idea to use them in electrical equipment at all.

How is a foam coffee cup a good insulator?

The foam contains air, which is a poor conductor of heat.

Is a china cup a thermal insulator?

with so many other things out there to use as an insulator it would seem a very bad choice, but yes it would bea good insultor, electricity will not flow through it.

Can wet Paper towels conduct electricity?

I think that paper towels are good insulators because if you put a few layers in a cup, they will absorb the water from the ice in the cup, which will keep the temperature in the cup cold enough to keep the ice from melting. Put a wash cloth under the layers of paper towels, the ice will be even better off. Put a plastic wrap over the top of the cup, I am pretty sure that the ice will NOT melt for a few hours! But if this experiment doesn't work, and you have a better answer, then go ahead and change this. Bye!

Can plastic cup be replaced by glass beaker in determination of heat of solution?

yes.but plastic cup is a better good insulator than glass beaker.