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What makes a person a chef?


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Chef is the french word for chief. A person in charge of a kitchen could be called a chef without having the paperwork to hang on a wall, however the chances of becoming a chef increase greatly if you apprentice and study under a chef with his red seal.


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A person who makes food is a chef, a baker, or a cook.

A cook is a person who makes and prepares food.A Person Or Chef Who Cooks You Meals WIth Love

You might call a person who makes burgers a "hamburger cook," "cook," or "grill chef."

A chef or line cook. Perhaps a crepe maker.

Restaurant is the place where people can dine and eat. Chef is the person who makes all the meals and gives them to the people to eat.

If the person employing the Chef want good work from the Chef then the Chef should be asked how many vacation days the Chef wants to take. A really good boss makes sure the Chef has lots of vacation days as a well rested Chef prepares excellent food dishes

a chef in a restaurant that makes deserts.

all what chef do is cooking

A chef is someone who cooks professionally. A chef is also a person who never retires until he wants.

A pastry chef makes pastries, which are baked things like pies and tarts.

chef is a person who cooks professionally. In a professional kitchen setting, the term is used only for the one person in charge of everyone else in the kitchen - the "executive chef."

an executive pastry chef makes from 44,516 to 66,693 a year

Yes sous chef jobs are beneficial. A sous chef is the person who helps the chef in playing his or her role to perfection. A sous chef works under the supervision of an executive chef and helps the chef in cooking and giving good ideas.

Every chef has a different income. It depends on the restaurant or there cooking skills. An average chef probably makes around 200,000.

the chef help prepare and cook the food which basically makes the business without a chef a restaurant would be nothing

To be a chef, the person must complete his degree in hotel management.

The top chef makes about 200 to 300 dollars per hour!! ;)

In Canada an average Master Chef makes around $20,687-$82,412

Ferrán Adrià is the most famous chef in Spain he makes the delicous food in the world

The average culinary chef makes around 50,000 dollars a year. Further training can result in a chef becoming a head chef or an expert in a certain field like a dessert chef.

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A master chef makes an average of $79,000 - $120,000 in 1-4 years

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