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What makes a will valid?


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In order for a will to be valid, you must be of the age of majority in your state, considered of sound mind, declare it to be your last will and the will must dispose of your property. A valid will must also be: * Signed by you * Notarized (in some states) * In writing - handwritten or printed * Signed by two witnesses - preferably people who are not named in the will You must check the requirements in your jurisdiction. ===Additional information=== In order to be allowed by probate court a valid will as set forth above: 1. Some states require the will to be proved by at least one witness, before a civil court of law, that it was signed by the testator in the presence of the witness, and that the witness signed in the presence of the testator. 2. Many states allow so-called self-proving affidavits, which eliminate the necessity of having the witnesses testify that they witnessed the signing; the affidavit is proof enough. In other states, if the witnesses are dead or unavailable, the court may have to get someone else to verify the legitimacy of their signatures.