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Q: What makes cotton a good material for a cushion?
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Why is cotton a good material to use as a cushion?

100% cotton is a soft fabric that doesn't irritate the skin, and because it's thicker than other fabrics, it feels luxurious. One should use cotton material bags offered by The Stitch Company ( for a better experience of bags.

What is good material for hats?

straw or cotton

Why is cotton good for you?

Cotton is good for your skin as it is a cool material and allows air to flow through the product e.g shirt.

If a certain material has the certain density of 0.2gmlwould the material be good for building a bridge or for a cushion?

i'm not 100% sure, but it flaots on water, so it could be a cushion. however ships also float on water soo....i shouldn't answer this

Why cotton is a particularly good fabic to for dyeing and printing?

Cotton is indeed a particularly good fabric to for dying and printing. This is because it is very absorbent material.

Why is cotton a good material to use as a towel?

its good for towels because its soft and so yea

What is a good alternative material to wool for mittens?

Cotton is always a good material if you don't plan on getting them wet. It also breathes well.

What is a good title for a science fair project involving sharpies and removing them from cotton material?

How to remove Sharpie stains from cotton fabric.

What makes adobe a good building material?

it makes it a good material because it helps you make houses that will stand up and will protect it from guns

Is cotton suitable for a bag?

Yes because, its a good material and it is very soft and white

What property makes a material a good insulator?

No shared electrons between neighboring atoms/molecules in the material makes for a good electric insulator.A good thermal insulator has lots of air or gas (which insulates) trapped in the material.

What part of speech is cushion?

'Cushion' can be a noun or a verb: 'She sat on a cushion.' 'Having a good job will cushion you from the worst effects of the recession.'