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What makes hazardous waste hazardous?

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When waste is able to cause significant harm to people, property or the environment, it is considered to be "hazardous waste" and is treated with greater care than regular old garbage.

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Is a hazardous waste always a hazardous material?

Yes, a hazardous waste is always a hazardous material, but a hazardous material is not always a hazardous waste.

What is hazardous waste proliferation?

hazardous waste proliferation is the rapid increasing of hazardous waste.

What are the hazardous waste of Mississippi?

there are 6 hazardous waste sites in mississippi

Why is hazardous waste hazardous?

Hazardous waste is hazardous because it can cause damage to people, property, or the environment if not handled and disposed of properly.

What are the differences between hazardous and non hazardous waste and the relationship of this to potential contamination?

Hazardous wastes are materials that are to be discarded (i.e. are wastes) but can be a danger to people or to the environment and meet the definition based on the identity of the material or on test results. If hazardous wastes are mixed with the nonhazardous wastes, the result is a hazardous waste. A non-hazardous waste is something that is to be discarded (i.e is a waste) but does not meet the definition of a hazardous waste.

Are hazardous waste the same thing as toxic wastes?

Toxic Waste is only one kind of hazardous waste.

Are used oil filters considered hazardous waste?

Yes, they are considered hazardous waste

Is Windex a hazardous waste?

No i don't think so windex isn't a hazardous waste

What is the difference between solid waste and hazardous waste?

solid waste is all waste that is solid and non-hazardous versus hazardous waste which is harmful to humans and the environment and as such, strictly regulated by federal state and local government for how it is disposed.

What is true about hazardous waste?

Batteries, household electronics, and computers all contain hazardous waste.

Cradle to the Grave hazardous waste?

The cradle to grave clause of hazardous waste law means that the person who produced the hazardous waste is also responsible for its final disposition. The law was enacted to settle matters of ownership in cases of hazardous waste clean up.

Household hazardous waste?

Household hazardous waste gets thrown in the garbage and ends up in a landfill

Why is non biodegradable waste is hazardous for mankind?

nonbiodegrable waste is more hazardous for mankind . find it reason?

Can hazardous waste be recycled?

Hazardous waste can indeed be recycled. These waste products must be sent to the proper recycling site and it can be pretty expensive.

What is a method for the safe handing of hazardous waste and material?

When handling hazardous waste gloves should always be used. Dispose of hazardous waste in specially marked containers in a secured area. Never eat or drink when handling hazardous materials.

What is waste material that is harmful to humans?

hazardous waste

When are rags or wipes considered non-hazardous waste?

Rags or wipes are considered non-hazardous waste when they are

What are some examples of a hazardous waste disposal?

Can you tell me more about hazardous waste disposal? Can you give me examples please?

Is acid rain a hazardous waste?

Yes, acid rain is hazardous.

What has the author Arthur E Lord written?

Arthur E. Lord has written: 'Nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques to detect contained subsurface hazardous waste' -- subject(s): Hazardous waste sites, Nondestructive testing, Hazardous wastes, Drums (Containers) 'Detection of subsurface hazardous waste containers by nondestructive techniques' -- subject(s): Hazardous waste sites, Remote sensing, Waste disposal in the ground

Why segregate waste?

Some waste are hazardous and it is harmful to our health

What is the label used in compliance with the epa regulations for hazardous waste container marking during storage?

hazardous waste label

What are the characteristics of hazardous waste?

it kills you!!

Is tobacco a hazardous waste?


Is antifreeze hazardous waste?