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Light is energy radiated in specific frequencies by a physical, chemical, or nuclear reaction. Visible light is absorbed or reflected by physical objects, enabling them to be viewed or detected. The term "light" is also applied to frequencies at either end of the normal visible spectrum, as the infrared and ultraviolet ranges.

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What coloured light makes white light when mixed with green light?

Magenta coloured light makes white light when mixed with green light

Why does a light bulb have high resistance?

It's the resistance that makes the heat that makes the glow that makes the light./

What Object that makes it's own light?

Object that makes it's own light

What makes a plant bend toward a light?

what makes a plant bend towardlight is when a plant is lacking (not enough of) light.

How can lemon make a bulb light?

the Sparks on the copper makes the wire on the light bulb makes the 9v light bulb turn on.

What is a light source?

The Sun is a light source Something that makes light.

What is a blue light?

it makes a type of blue that is light " light" blue

What is Something that makes light?

a light bulb dummy.

What are the positive effects of a light bulb?

it makes light

What makes light brown?

light purple and yellow

What is the function of light bulb?

A light bulb makes dark places light

What makes the moon light?

moonlight is the reflection of the light from the sun

What makes light travel?

It only travels in the speed of light

What light makes plants grow faster?

Blue light

What light makes a flower grow faster?

sun light

Time line what makes the light bright?

Light bulb

A light microscope that makes the specimen appear light on a dark background is called?

A darkfield microscope makes the specimen appear light on a dark background. It is an instrument used in light microscopy.

What makes light light?

The proces of absorbtion and reemitttion is the thing that makes light appear to be slower while going in air, due to this little postpone in proliferation.

How tube light can be made to glow in green?

The yellow light and blue light makes the green light .

What color does light green and light blue make?

it makes a light blue green

What makes mirrors shiny?

It is the light bouncing of the surface ! that is what makes them shiny !!!!!!!!!

Functions of flour?

it makes the cake light and makes the cakes structure!

Why tube light makes sound?

Weak choke makes the noise

What color light makes objects look bigger?

White light.

How do trees use light to help them grow?

light makes them grow '-'