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Q: What makes salmonella harmful?
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Related questions

Is salmonella harmful or helpful?

It's harmful. It can cause poisoning

What types of bacteria is harmful?

Salmonella, Streptococcus.

What is the harmful effects of bacteria?

one is salmonella

What is the three harmful effects of bacteria?

one is salmonella

What are the harmful effects of salmonella?

it causes health problems

Is plankton harmful to humans?

Yes, plankton is harmful to humans because they carry salmonella disease. Other than that, they are not harmless at all.

How does salmonella work on a cellular level?

salmonella makes your cells multiply. dont eat raw meat or you will die

What are 3 diseases caused by harmful bacteria?

E. Coli, Salmonella, and Botulin (you can get all of these from food).

What are two types of harmful bacterias?

Salmonella and Escherichia coli (also known as E Coli)

Is salmonella harmful?

Yes it is. Salmonella cause illnesses in humans and many animals, such as typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and the foodborne illness salomellosis. Other than that, it is fine.

2 examples of bacteria?

I know 2 bacteria, useful and harmful: E.coli, harmful Salmonella, harmful B. Animalis(Bifidobacterium Animalis), helpful Phytoplankton(not a bacteria, though), helpful

Are Iguanas harmful to humans?

Yes; it can bite and scratch and it's feces contain bacteria of genus Salmonella.

What are some harmful and helpful bacteria?

Helpful- Streptomyces, E. Coli, RhizobiumHarmful-Vibrio, Salmonella,Mycobacterium

Is eating eggs harmful?

No, eating eggs in not harmful. Though, eating raw eggs could make you sick, but otherwise any form of egg isn't harmful if it doesn't have a disease like salmonella in it.

What makes questions harmful?

You sometimes could get things wrong that's how it makes the question harmful

Are green anole lizards harmful?

No they are not harmful however, like most reptiles it is probably a good idea to wash your hands after handling. A lot of reptiles can carry salmonella.

Is rusting useful or harmful?

harmful as it makes the metal brittle

How long should salmonella be cooked at 140 to kill the organism?

Salmonella should be cooked for apporimately 15 minutes and makes a great accompaniment to fried eggs

How does salmonella move?

Salmonella bacteria move around using cilia or flagella. Bacteria will move around its environment in most cases to find food for its survival. Some bacteria are good for our bodies while others are harmful.

10 harmful microorganisms?

Salmonella Chickenpox Virus Mould (fungus) Measles Smallpox Sorry I could only think of 5

What is the pathogen name for salmonella?

Salmonella is caused by the Salmonella genus of bacteria, specifically salmonella enteridica.

What does salmonella typhi feed on?

Salmonella eats other salmonella

Is salmonella enterica and salmonella bongori species of salmonella?


Is bile harmful?

it makes you throw up

How is fungi harmful?

it makes us sick