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Q: What makes the Mexican culture unique?
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What makes Mexican music sound unique?

As with any other cultural music, Mexican music is composed to reflect the culture that is Mexico. Mexican music sounds unique because it shows how the Mexican culture is unique.

What makes culture unique?

things that make culture unique are the food the traditional clothing.

What was the first great culture of southwestern part of central Mexico?

the Mexican culture is perhaps one of the most fascinating cultures world wide. The mixture of strong native legends , artistic expressions and spanish culture elements make all the Mexican culture unique

What makes Greece a unique country?

What makes Greece a unique country is that it is the place where democracy was developed and is one of the root sources of western culture.

What are the unique qualities of Mexican rice?

Mexican rice has several different unique qualities. One unique quality is that Mexican rice is a good source of protein. Another unique quality is that Mexican rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates.

What makes us us(unique)?

Several things make everyone unique, including your childhood, where and how you were raised. Genes and genetics make people unique as do your culture, beliefs, relationships, goals and morals.

How language affects culture?

Language affects culture by making them them. You see Mexicans speak spanish which makes it unique. So you know that africans love their culture. So as you see they make their own languages to be apart of their culture,and only their culture.

What is unique about the culture of China?

china is the most unique culture because it is so chinanezean

What has Mexican culture contributed to the US?

what way did the mexican american culture help the united states of america?

What is chicharitos culture?

He is Mexican

Is Mexican a culture?

Yes. It is the culture of Mexico, and should not be confused with Tex-Mex nor Mexican-American cultures.

How do Mexican coins represent Mexican culture?

they represent their mexican president that is living or has died.